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Last updated: June 22, 2022 • Home Improvement

13 Easy Home Improvement Ideas Perfect for Small Houses

As we’ve been spending more time at home during the past months — and we might continue to do so in the future —making our homes a cozy pleasant space is of utmost importance. If you live in a small house, there is still much you can do to achieve this goal. You might think that something as easy as changing locks or switch covers would not be so interesting, but this can truly alter the ambience of where you live


Here are some projects you can take up to beautify your small home: 

1. Breathe new life into your floors

small color sample boards

You’ve probably been enjoying your warm hardwood floors for quite a while — they do tend to rank high among homeowners’ preferences — but time and foot traffic might have rendered them rather dull. Breathe new life into your hardwood floors by polishing them with a special product. Repeat this procedure once a year for optimal results. However, if your floor is old and even damaged, your best option may be to simply replace it.  

2. Fireplace

The old brick fireplace adorning your living room might have lost its luster with the passage of time, but you can give it a facelift. A fresh coat of paint can restore it to its former glory. Before you tackle this project, make sure to remove the grime and any residual dirt thoroughly. Moreover, make sure to apply a stain-blocking primer to the clean fireplace to mask any soot stains. 

3. Freshen up your walls with paint or wallpaper

confident young woman portrait

You could paint the walls for a fresh look, or you can use self-adhesive wallpaper to create a unique atmosphere in your home or in case you want an original style, you can try the exposed brick design. Think of the wallpaper as a giant sticker that you peel and stick to the primed and painted wall. Decide on the design and the wall surface you wish to cover. Next, proceed to tape the wallpaper to the wall in the desired area. Voila: You’ve just created a new look in your home!

4. Switch to a programmable thermostat

On the odd chance that your home still sports an old-fashioned dial thermostat, consider replacing it with a programmable one. Most new models allow you to change the temperature throughout the day, all the while reducing your heating bill. Suppose you’re looking for a more sophisticated thermostat. In that case, you can always consider a smart model that delivers even more benefits: You can even control your home’s temperature while you’re on the go.

5. Create interest with crown molding

luxury white kitchen

Add a hint of elegance to your living room or dining room with crown molding. It’s a simple addition that brings that finishing touch to these rooms, as it connects the walls to the ceiling while creating a point of interest. When choosing a crown molding style, make sure it jives with the general ambiance of the home. 

6. Put your home in the best possible light

Update your light fixtures with beautiful models that make a statement. This is an easy improvement project that requires little space but can truly alter your home’s appearance. Think about an interesting chandelier or even pendant lights that add an air of sophistication to any room. 

There are a lot of different options when it comes to lighting. From track lights to recessed lights to desk lamps and wall sconces, you’ve got a world of possibility. What’s more, changing up the lighting is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to improve the look of your home. If you’re handy, you can even install them yourself! 

7. Give your closet a makeover

woman choosing outfit

Closets can quickly turn into a dumping spot for your clothes and accessories unless you think of a way to maximize their storage capabilities. Make a quick inventory of your items stored there and then decide which organizers best fit the space of the closet and your belongings that go there. You can think about adding rods to take advantage of the vertical space and to create a visually accessible closet setup — it’s time to say goodbye to those dreadful scavenging hunts that you go on when you’re searching for your favorite dress or the belt that perfectly matches your shoes! A clean and organized house will have a positive effect on your well being.

8. Revamp the kitchen cabinets

modern kitchen with parquet

While painting the cabinets will completely change their appearance, it also takes up a sizable chunk of your time. One quick fix to change their look is to simply upgrade the handles. This idea also applies to dressers and nightstands. Look for an elegant finish that matches the room’s architecture and the color scheme of your furniture. If you’re not sure which style to choose, simple metallic hardware meshes well with any style. Browse antique shops if you’re looking for unique handles and pulls. You can also install rollouts if you’re looking to upgrade the inside of your cabinets so you can better reach for items stored there. This upgrade will help you get to items that are harder to see and to access, which means you can now make better use of your storage space — it should look more attractive too. 

9. Up your faucet game

modern faucet

Replacing the faucet is one of the easiest upgrades you can do in your home. Pick one with a high arc to make the basin feel roomier. Make sure the new faucet fits into the existing sink. If, on the other hand, you decide to upgrade your sink too, install the faucet first and then fit your new sink in place for a more painless installation process. 

10. Make a splash with the backsplash

Either replace your white subway-tile backsplash with a modern glassy model or simply install one if your kitchen doesn’t already have it. It will instantly add elegance to your kitchen while protecting the wall from splashes and spills. You can do this project yourself — no need to call a professional — but if you’re not sure how to tackle it, you can always consult a step-by-step guide to tiling your backsplash.

11. Upgrade your bathroom

spacious bathroom in grey tone

Change the faucets and the showerheads — newer models come with increased water pressure and even help you customize your shower experience as you can change the streaming power to either relieve an aching back or remove those oil stains you got in the garage. The bathroom remodeling can continue next with replacing the towel bars for increased functionality and a new look. Consider retiling your bathroom floors in order to install hydronic radiant heating so your feet will never experience cold floors in the winter! Additionally, upgrade your shower vent fan if mold starts building up or if your mirror is always foggy after you take a shower.

12. Give your entrance a crisp look

front new modern style

Weather can cause damage to front doors, so invest in a new look to your home’s entrance that will welcome you for years to come. If your front door is still in good shape, but it’s just a little rough around the edges, a fresh coat of paint can restore its former look — whether you choose to try a new paint color or you are sticking to the current one. Use millwork to add character to your front door. Additionally, think about accessories that pack a punch: Add house numbers, a letterbox and even outdoor lighting. This last addition will brighten up your deck stairs or patio with various solar options. Stick-in-the-ground lights along your pathway can go a long way to making your outdoor space pleasant and safe at night so you can enjoy your home as much as possible.  

13. Embellish the house exterior with window boxes

window flower box

Cheer up your home’s appearance with window boxes: Pick bright-colored flowers that will add an element of interest and attract birds and butterflies that you can look at when you’re indoors. With a wide variety of window boxes available, you will be able to find the one that fits the architecture of your home and your own preferences. If you are rather DIY-oriented, get the necessary materials and tools and make your window boxes. If you’re not sure what kinds of window box plants to pick from, petunias or impatiens are sure to increase your curb appeal.
Now that you’ve found out about some new projects to take your home to the next level, consider using self storage while you do upgrades in specific rooms or areas — you might need to move furniture or other items out of the way until your project is complete. A 10×10 unit is the standard size that most people pick to store belongings, but if your home improvement project requires you to temporarily move more items out of your home, larger unit sizes that can better assist you are also available.


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