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Last updated: September 13, 2021 • Home Improvement

Closet Organization Tips and Ideas You’ll Love

While some people use their closets religiously, other people may just throw old shoes and unwanted clothing inside and shut it for the season. No matter which side you’re on, there is a chance that you could make some improvements to your closet organization. Trying to sell your home? A real estate agent could tell you how important closet space is when selling your home on the real estate market!

Let’s explore some options: Clearing the clutter in your closet is a good way to save space and make the most of your small house/apartment. Whether you’re just using it to store off-season clothes or organizing your entire wardrobe inside, the size of the closet determines how you use it. Have a small closet, medium closet or large walk-in closet? Here are some closet organization tips below to help declutter your life!

  • For small closets, investing in unique closet organization system is wise. Find ways to reduce the number of shoe boxes by storing them on racks. You can even hang them on the inside of the door with a shoe-hanger. Try to make the most of your hanger space, and put off-season clothes at the back of the closet or under your bed instead.
  • Medium closets which often could include walk-in closets allow you a little more freedom, but not by much. Utilize buckets and organizational systems to keep things tidy, and arrange your closet in order of what you use the most. Vacuum sealed bags, plastic boxes & storage rooms make it easier to switch out your wardrobe for each season, by putting only the season at hand in your bedroom closet, while other seasons attire is stored away.
  • Large / walk-in closets. Everyone wants a big closet, but no-one knows what to do once we have one. If you have one, and the funds to go along with it, turn it into a custom closet! Don’t have the funds for a custom closet? Then add a full-length mirror inside, organize your clothes by style to make it easy to find, and invest in a few velvet hangers to prevent your clothes from falling off the hangers. For more ideas, check out this dream closet article!
  • Kids’ closets. Monsters aren’t the only terrifying thing that dwells in kids’ closets. It can be hard to organize your children’s closets in a satisfying way, but it is possible. Here are some closet organizer ideas that can turn any messy closet into clean and organized. Buy colorful buckets, racks, and organizing shelves for your child’s closet, and make a yearly sweep of their toys. Decide together what to donate and throw away. Allow them to choose some of the places their toys go and then teach them how to put them away to keep a tidy room & a tidy closet.
  • Bonus closet tip: Having trouble deciding what you do and don’t need? Try the hanger trick! At the beginning of the season, turn your hangers the opposite way. By the end of the season, you’ll have a good idea of what you did and didn’t wear. This can make it easy to weed out unworn clothing.

Curious about which cities have the highest cost per square foot? According to MLS (multiple listing service) these five locations have the highest price per property ratio, which means closet space is at a premium. A real estate agent in these areas will be able to tell you just how much a well-organized closet space could add to your home value.

  1. San Francisco, California. Ranked #1 as the most expensive city, living in San Fran may mean you need an extra storage unit to store all your stuff.
  2. New York City, New York. Probably the most obvious location on this list, but still expensive. Even if you’re living there temporarily, keeping your things in suitcases to save space may be necessary.
  3. Boston, Massachusetts. To save space in these small closets, try attaching hangers onto other hangers to save space on your closet rack.
  4. Oakland, California. Another city with a reputation for small apartments. Try putting your shoes in a roll-out rack. It may be easier, in the long run, to keep your clothes in boxes under your bed.
  5. San Jose, California. For such a big state, California is pretty crowded. To save space, try utilizing file-buckets for all of your paperwork and photos instead of hefty sketchbooks and boxes.

At any rate whichever closet type you’re dealing with, whether it’s a big walk-in closet or a small closet, our closet organization ideas are a great guide to start when in need of help.

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