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Last updated: May 21, 2021 • Home Improvement

3 Improvements to Make Before You List Your House

Are you looking to sell your home in 2016? Essential home improvements could enhance the value of your home and help to retain a higher appraisal, which in most scenarios more than covers the cost of the home improvement.

It’s important to ensure there are no major home improvement requirements that need to be completed immediately over making upgrades to the home. If you are on a limited budget, choose to make the necessary repairs over upgrading any part of the home. If the roof is leaking, or the plumbing needs repair, that is going to hinder the sale of the home more than needing a paint job or new granite counter-tops.  Having the home inspected will tell you what areas need the most improvement. Realistically, set a budget and hammer away at the “need-to’s” first over the “want-to’s”.

If your home is in overall good condition, making a few minor changes will help to increase the asking price while making your home overall more inviting for the sale. Be practical when it comes to the improvements and keep costs as minimal as possible in order to receive a higher return during the sale.

Kitchen Upgrades – Kitchen upgrades are among the highest in return on the value of a home. A warm, inviting kitchen is what most home buyers are searching for when looking to a buy a home. If your kitchen is outdated and needs a facelift it could result in a lower asking price during the sale of your home.  When the home buyers can see themselves enjoying family time over dinner at the kitchen table, the emotions will lead the way to the close of your home. Reduce the clutter, keep it clean and create a kitchen that says – “I’m yours”. Upgrades don’t need to be expensive, keep it simple and inviting.

Curb Appeal – Sprucing up the outside is a huge value-add when selling your home. A new paint job, a new front door, and some TLC to the lawn will improve the asking price of your home. If a paint job is necessary, we suggest getting quotes from 3 vendors and comparing them to ensure you are getting the best price possible. If you’re on a budget, painting the trim and window panels may provide just what’s needed for a home buyer to fall in love. Planting vibrant flowers and adding new mulch to the plant beds will also give the warm and fuzzy feeling that will attract the right home buyer.

Fix what’s Broken – Home buyers are less likely to be attracted to a home that requires obvious repairs. Most savvy home buyers will choose to have the home inspected. New caulk in the bathrooms, fixing the leaky faucets, replacing that broken tile or squeaky wood floor paneling will improve the value of your home and close the deal. Home buyers who can step into a home with minimal to no repairs are required will enable them to focus on visualizing their decorations and furniture in the home. When a home buyer gets their mind on how to decorate versus what repairs need to be made – the closing process becomes much easier and a higher asking price can be supported.

Making value-added improvements to the home is a fun and rewarding process. You can even turn it into a family affair by getting the kids involved in spreading mulch or pulling weeds. It will give them a sense of pride in where they live and allowing them to understand the importance of taking care of their dwelling.


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