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pool table in luxury home


Last updated: April 15, 2021 • Home Improvement

The Ultimate Rec Room

In most houses, each and every room has a purpose. You’ve got the living room, where you, your friends and your family can hang out and make memories. The kitchen is for cooking, the dining room is for eating, and the bathroom is for… well, you know. Most houses have these basic rooms, but what …

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Last updated: March 16, 2021 • Home Improvement

The Benefits of Installing Impact Resistant Windows

For many residents of the Southern United States, hurricanes and other types of severe storms are an unfortunate but unavoidable part of everyday life. You can’t escape them, you can only prepare for them. These “acts of god” aren’t likely to go away any time soon either; in fact, due to the rapidly worsening global …

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rustic furniture on brick wall


Last updated: April 1, 2021 • Home Improvement

Exposed Brick: a Rustic Yet Modern Interior Design

For millennia, societies have been using stucco, plaster, and other materials to coat walls and lend a uniform, unobtrusive appearance to the interior and exterior walls. These materials are much better suited to being painted, and offer a cohesive aesthetic appearance to any surface they are applied to.  As time goes by, however, these coatings …

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george washington monument in boston


Last updated: March 16, 2021 • Lifestyle

The Most Historic Cities in the U.S.

Compared to most other countries, the United States has a relatively short history. Whereas the history of a place like Poland or Romania can be traced back over a thousand years, the U.S. has a past that begins less than four centuries ago. While the record of its past may be short, its lack of …

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best places to live handwriting on papers


Last updated: March 16, 2021 • Lifestyle

The Five Best Places to Live in the U.S. in 2021

Guys and gals, we’ve done it. We’ve made it to the end of 2020, the garbage fire of a year that it was, and entered into a brand new year full of new and exciting possibilities. We see favorable developments with the pandemic situation, and we might soon see loosened or completely revoked restrictions. Good …

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