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Last updated: June 10, 2022 • Traveling Around the World

Best Places to Live to Avoid Natural Disasters

In this day and age, the fear of natural disasters has reached a fever pitch. News stations blast video footage of hurricanes, tornadoes and other tragic acts of God whenever they get the chance, creating paranoia and then profiting off of it. Online periodicals are rife with speculation as to when and where the next big storm will hit and exactly how bad the death and devastation will be.

With this state of affairs, it’s no surprise many homebuyers are deathly afraid of natural disasters. While the media may capitalize off of the heightened state of general panic, there is an element of real danger to be considered when discussing natural disasters such as these. So what are you to do to avoid falling victim to just such an act of God? 

Well, there are a number of options. You can prepare your home for a natural disaster, using hardware such as hurricane anchors, hurricane windows, concrete pylons and storm shutters. You can ignore the threat of natural disaster entirely too, but we would advise against this. This leaves one more option: moving to a city that isn’t prone to natural disasters. 

There are a number of candidates that fit the bill to differing extents, but we’re only interested in sharing with you the absolute safest cities. These are places that, short of a worldwide cataclysm, are most assuredly going to remain safe and sound even when storms, earthquakes and floods are rampaging through less fortunate parts of the country. 

Why move to a disaster-safe city? 

flooded street after hurricane irma

If you live in a disaster-prone area and aren’t particularly concerned about the possibility of falling victim to a natural disaster, you may be wondering why exactly you should worry. Well, for starters, you should worry; you should prepare! Aimless paranoia won’t do anything except raise your blood pressure, but making a calculated move to a safer city might be a good idea. 

For starters, natural disasters present a significant threat to the personal safety of your loved ones and family. No matter how well you prepare, an unforeseen natural disaster could leave you and your family without a home or worse. Regardless how safe you feel right now, that could all change in an instant. 

While it isn’t as severe as loss of life or limb, natural disasters can also bereave you of basic necessities such as shelter and food. If you’ve invested in real estate to any extent, you may want to consider moving to a city that is at lower risk of natural disasters than the one in which you live right now. 

US cities with the least natural disasters

nicely trimmed manicured garden

With the aforementioned natural disasters becoming ever more common as climate change exacts its toll on cities across the country, it’s time we talked about the best places to live to avoid natural disasters. These cities are insulated from such events by geography and local climate conditions, and are among the safest places to live in the country. Let’s take a look! 

Bowie, MD

Situated over a thousand miles from the country’s southernmost coast, the quiet but beautiful city of Bowie Maryland more than deserves its prestigious spot on this list. The city of Bowie has never experienced more than a few mild storms throughout the course of its existence, and remains one of the best places to live to avoid natural disasters. 

Aside from its enhanced safety from natural disasters, Bowie MD is also just an excellent place to live. With low crime rates, excellent schools and great real estate values, this city is ideal for anyone seeking a place to raise a family in peace and safety. Add to that its near-complete immunity to natural disasters and you have a winning combination! 

If you’re interested in making this beautiful and safe city your home, you’ll need to get in touch with the local real estate agents in Bowie MD. These skilled, experienced professionals are your best bet at finding a home that suits your budget and your expectations in as little time as possible. With their help, you’ll soon be living in one of the best places to live to avoid natural disasters! 

Scottsdale, AZ

camelback mountain phoenix near arizona

Generally speaking, the best places to live to avoid natural disasters are situated in areas that aren’t near coastlines, fault lines or large, dry forests. Scottsdale AZ fulfills all of these prerequisites with ease, with its location in the safe and uneventful Sonoran desert. With no wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes to watch out for, it’s easily one of the safest places in the country from natural disasters. 

Besides its status as one of the most preeminently disaster-free cities in the country, Scottsdale is also a great place to live if you are a high-powered professional. With a community consisting almost entirely of skilled professionals and businesspeople, there’s no shortage of excellent employment opportunities to choose from. You’ll be safe from financial hardship and natural disasters if you make this city your home! 

What’s more, there are plenty of properties available in Scottsdale for purchase if you’re planning on investing in real estate. With the help of one of the excellent realtors in Scottsdale AZ, you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding a property that suits your needs and your budget. And, with the astronomical property appreciation rates that the city is home to, you won’t have to worry about the value of your property dropping over time. 

Foley, AL

city foley alabama state usa

Another entry on the list of best places to live to avoid natural disasters is Foley, AL. This beautiful city is among the most culturally and traditionally significant cities in the state of Alabama, and is overall just a great place to live. There’s no substitute for safety though, as you’ve likely already gathered; so how does Foley stack up? 

If you’re worried about natural disasters, then you’ll be happy to hear that the answer to the question asked above is “quite well!” While there are sporadic floods that occur from time to time, the city of Foley AL is well prepared for these events that it is as if they never happen. Aside from these minor floods, you’ll virtually never be faced with an act of God that threatens your home or livelihood! 

Those interested in purchasing a home in this incredible city would be well advised to seek the counsel of real estate agents in Foley AL. In addition to being well versed in the arts of real estate, these professionals also know just about everything there is to know about natural disaster preparedness, so you’ll receive some good advice along with a new home! 

Charlotte, NC

charlotte north carolina skyline

In terms of safety, there are few states that even come close to rivaling the security and peace of mind you’ll find in North Carolina. In this exceptionally safe state there’s a city that sets the benchmark for the best cities to live in to avoid natural disasters. Natural disasters virtually never cross paths with the residents of this town, and we couldn’t be happier about that fact. 

Beyond its legendary level of security and safety, Charlotte is also a wonderful place to raise a family. Its schools are well regarded as being among the best in the state, and its crime rates are impressively low. Real estate values are excellent too, so you can rest assured that any property you purchase in the city will not only hold its value but appreciate too. That’s what we call an all-around great deal! 

Now that we’ve told you some of the many great things that this city has to offer, it’s time we let you in on a little secret: your best option when it comes to purchasing property is to get in touch with realtors in Charlotte NC. With their help, buying a home that serves as both a place to live and a good investment is not just a possibility, it’s a likelihood. 

Philadelphia, PA

philadelphia skyline night river

While public safety figures in this city are less than impressive, one thing that residents of Philly are veritably immune to is natural disaster. Located in the northeastern quadrant of the United States, Philadelphia has never seen so much as a hurricane, earthquake, tornado or other such event. As metropolitan areas go, it likely never will either! 

In spite of its drawbacks like crime rates and poorly managed public funds, Philadelphia isn’t all bad; with a long and storied history, there’s plenty to see and do for history buffs and night life enthusiasts alike. Median home values are also quite low, so the housing market is quite a bit more accessible than that of many other cities of similar size. 

Considering its rough edges, Philadelphia probably isn’t the best choice for families. It is, however, a great place for single individuals and those seeking to buy a starter home. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the surprisingly good value that homes here hold, you’ll need to get in touch with the real estate agents in Philadelphia PA. With their help, you’ll be moved into your new place in no time flat! 


While some might call you silly for being worried about natural disasters, we think that it is an absolutely rational fear to have. Nature can be brutally unforgiving at times, and preparing for this reality is nothing short of entirely reasonable. Hopefully, this list has given you some idea for where you’d like to move next to avoid such events. We wish you the best of luck, and hope that you never have to experience a natural disaster for yourself! 

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