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January 26, 2017 • Real Estate

Best places in the US to live if your Child has Special Needs

Looking for a place to raise your family? When deciding where to live, the factors considered often include the quality schools and commuting options. However, for parents of special needs children, there are deeper deciding factors.

Whether you are looking for real estate in Sarasota, Florida, or Dallas Texas, the quality of care and support available to your special needs child will be a priority. It’s not just education and health care – it’s options for socialization and playtime as well.

The happiest families are those who find family recreational opportunities readily available in their own communities. It’s important to have mobility device accessibility for those with children who require wheelchairs or scooters to get around, and other options should also exist for kids who have societal or anxiety issues.

Look for towns with museums which offer accommodations for mobility chair access, special services for those with visual or auditory impairment, and safe spaces for children with developmental disabilities or autism. Maybe the local park has a section that is roped off and filled with sensory toys, or a local theater hosts an autism friendly day that leaves the lights on and keeps the sound at a lower level, while letting the kids run and talk freely during their show.

Some stats that can help you find the perfect home are listed below – you’ll have to add your own criteria for choosing a home, of course, and a real estate agent can assist you with this as well.

Support Services

Access to high-quality medical, educational, and therapeutic services within an hour’s travel from their home are happiest. This means big cities for the most part. Cities ranked highly for support services are:

  •         Los Angeles, California
  •         Denver, Colorado
  •         Seattle, Washington
  •         Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  •         Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Medical Care and Inclusion

The accessibility of comprehensive medical care for special needs children is also key. Several states excel in expanding their services to increase availability to those with developmental, intellectual, or physical challenges.  

States ranked highly for medical care and access are:

  •         Arizona
  •         New Hampshire
  •         Oregon
  •         Michigan
  •         Kansas

Of course, you may need to consider proximity to family for support, the weather if that’s a deal breaker, cost of living, job opportunities, and more when choosing a home. However, for those with means to move to the city or state of their choice, the above information can provide a good starting point.


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