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Seattle Real Estate Agents are one of the busiest working people around and it’s not difficult to understand why.
Seattle is a city for everybody. Great for young single people – it’s almost like it’s Millennial capital there – with a strong job market (especially in tech), decent public transportation that makes it possible to live without having a car (the traffic could improve a little bit, though…) and great food; a top 20 gastronomy spot in the country because of its always fresh and delicious seafood and large offering of food trucks, artisan breweries and coffee shops (the most per capita in the US!). But also one of the Best cities for families, hands down. Two of the Best museums in the USA are located in the city, which is greatly located for a family trip if you think about it: one easy drive away from Canada, one short flight away from Hawaii, and cool places like California and Idaho are really close by. Not to mention what all Seattle Real Estate Agents will say: “Yes, that’s all nice, but have you ever explored the beautiful scenery within our own state of Washington?”. It’s not uncommon to spot whales(!) in the bay right there in downtown Seattle.
The thing all Seattle Real Estate Agents will confirm is that this city breeds greatness. Not many towns in our country can say they are responsible for a cultural revolution in our country, and Seattle was instrumental in two: the grunge movement with bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, and a cultural shift in the way we do business with companies like Starbucks and Amazon, both born and developed in Seattle. That’s why you see so many people moving to Seattle in hopes of starting their business in a place that understands innovation and hustle.

With that many qualities, the real estate market within the city has become a crazy thing! An important thing for you to know: although Washington has no income tax, Seattle has some local taxes; the sales tax, for instance, are quite high. Prices are high, but not as much as San Francisco (yet). But that’s to be expected when you’re looking at such a great city like this. Now, if you ask us, the main reason you should contact one of our Seattle Real Estate Agents is the fact that the city is made of neighborhoods. Each has its own vibe, with West Seattle literally standing alone because it’s separated by the Duwamish River. So a good Seattle Real Estate Agent will fill you in with all characteristics of each neighborhood and drive you around so you are in the best position possible. If you do the home buying process by only searching the internet, you won’t be able to get the finer details of it. So pick your favorite and good luck!

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