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Last updated: December 23, 2020 • Education Advice

Best Schools in the Nashville Area

Education is one of the bearing walls of our society. How much we earn later in life depends a lot on how much information we assimilate when we are young. Our childhood is also the time when we gather memories that last for a lifetime, and that’s because our brain is growing. It absorbs and retains information easily, thus facilitating learning.

While Finland is envied for its outstanding educational system, the US is probably more famous for its universities than for the K-12 schools. Not everybody may agree, but our education system seems to fail in preparing our children for adulthood and for the harsh economic environment. It’s more like a parallel universe. But every state has a few great schools that form successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and other professionals. So, if you’re looking for the best schools in Nashville, Tennessee, you’ll probably look within the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. 

The best public schools in Nashville 

public school in Nashville

But Metro Nashville isn’t the pride of the city. Just a stone’s throw away from Nashville, you will find the best school district in Tennessee. According to Niche[dot]com, the Williamson County school district comprises 44 schools and serves about 38,000 students. For 2019, it boasts a graduation rate of 95.9%. Most real estate agents in Nashville TN who are also listed on cover the city of Franklin as well.

Second on the list are the Rutherford County Schools with 44,000 students mainly from Murfreesboro. As for the 162 public schools covered by the Metro Nashville school district, only a couple of them managed to get an A+ and those institutions are Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet School and Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet High School. The graduation rate for this district has increased, surprisingly, from 80.2% to 82.4% over the past year, but remains below the state’s average of 89.7%.

All of a sudden, if you are a parent, the above school’s zip codes have a different meaning to you, especially if you don’t live nearby. The two schools mentioned earlier are both located in the zip code 37203. Studios in this area start at $180,000 and are between 600 and 800 square feet. Houses start at about $450,000. So, as you can see, this is a very expensive neighborhood. But if you don’t mind spending so much on a dwelling, then you should find a real estate agent in Nashville right now.

Not all children do well in public schools, so parents who feel that their child is struggling to keep up with his or her colleagues should take into consideration moving to a charter school. In the Nashville area, there are plenty of charter schools to choose from. Every charter school is unique and so are the students. Everyone is different and in these institutions, everyone is welcome. Nashville Classical is a top charter school for elementary students. For middle school students, look at Valor Flagship Academy, while KIPP High School may be the next stop. 

The best private schools in Nashville 

Private school students in Nashville

If money is not an issue for you, and you really want the best for your child, private schools are aplenty in Nashville. And many of them are graded A+. You may choose between 59 private schools that educate over 15,400 students. How much do private schools in Nashville charge parents for educating their children?

The average tuition fee for private elementary schools is around $11,000 while high schools charge $5,000 more or roughly $16,000. We return to Niche[dot]com because they are specialized in assessing schools nationwide. So, the website reveals that the University School of Nashville is the best private school in the state of Tennessee. But let’s not waste your time and list the top 6 A+ schools.

  1. University School of Nashville
  2. The Ensworth School 
  3. Battle Ground Academy
  4. Franklin Road Academy
  5. Christ Presbyterian Academy
  6. Ezell-Harding Christina School

Of all the private schools, half are religiously affiliated. And this should not come as a surprise because the vast majority of Tennesseans are devout Christians.

So, let’s suppose that you want to send your child to the best private school in Nashville. If you want to save time and money on transportation, living in the 37212 zip code is preferable over commuting. But do you know what credit score is needed to buy a house here? Or do you qualify for a $400,000 mortgage? That is the price you should expect to pay for a small house or a two-bedroom two-bathroom condo. Once again, good schools thrive in high-end or upscale neighborhoods. Isn’t that an indirect form of real estate steering?  

The best universities in Nashville

Vanderbilt University Nashville

With over 40 institutions specialized in higher education, Nashville has a unique vibe given by all the students that flock to this city to obtain a degree. Nashville is probably renowned for the Vanderbilt University – an institution that admits only the smartest students from across the country and overseas. The tuition fee is $22,173 per year, similar to the fee charged by Lipscomb University – another prestigious academic institution that still puts the Bible at the core of its curriculum. The top 5 colleges, as listed by the US News, are:

  1. Vanderbilt University
  2. Belmont University
  3. Lipscomb University
  4. Fisk University
  5. Watkins College of Art, Design and Film

At this moment, in Nashville it is cheaper to rent than to buy a house. A 3-bedroom apartment costs $1,550 per month to rent while the mortgage payments for an average-priced home would take about another $200 out of your pocket. With so many students flocking to this city, you can’t go wrong by investing in student accommodation.

Real estate agents in Nashville expect a rise in rents as many homebuyers prefer to wait. In fact, rents may grow faster than home prices. Also, interest rates have reached new heights and may grow even more, unless our president takes some measures to reduce them after he said that the Fed was not making the US economy competitive enough with the current interest rates.

Real estate schools in Nashville

real estate education

Due to the high cost of higher education, many students have to go off the beaten path to get a degree or qualification. The real estate industry offers countless opportunities for everyone. And huge financial rewards await those who don’t get discouraged too soon.

The housing market in Nashville is envied by many real estate agents outside the state of Tennessee. But if you grew up here, you should try to become a real estate agent in Nashville. And the first step is to find a real estate school to complete the 60-hour pre-license education that will teach you all the basics. Here are five real estate schools in Nashville:

  1. Success Real Estate School
  2. Continual Learning Institute
  3. TREES® – Tennessee Real Estate Educational Systems, Inc.
  4. GREEN – Global Real Estate Education Network
  5. PDH Academy

For even more textbooks and e-books that will help you pass the real estate license exam, visit the website of Greater Nashville REALTORS®. In partnership with REcampus, it provides various coursebooks on real estate basics, real estate law and real estate financing.

Other vocational schools in Nashville

Whether you want to become a famous chef or a sought-after floral designer, in Nashville you can get the best training to polish your talent. Licensure in culinary arts is offered at The Art Institute of Tennessee or at the Nashville State Community College.

If you want to specialize in wedding floral design and decorations, you can attend floral design classes in Nashville as well as workshops with globally-renowned masters. Check out the Wine&Design events by Rebel Hill Florist or inquire at the Nashville Flower Market of any scheduled courses. You can also study online by applying to the course offered by Penn Foster Career School.

Tennessee Rehabilitation Center (TRC) also offers a wide range of courses in areas such as auto detailing and maintenance, gardening, power equipment, and retail.

To make your first steps in the beauty industry, you should study at a cosmetology school such as The Salon Professional Academy Nashville or Genesis Career College.

But let’s not forget that Nashville is the springboard for many musicians who embrace not only country music but many other music genres. No matter your age, you can start studying an instrument by taking private lessons or by enrolling in a music school. Belmont and Vanderbilt University both fight for the first place when it comes to music education. Those in need of a private instructor should also explore the courses available at the Nashville Music Academy or look for online lessons with teachers from the Music City.

In conclusion, no matter what career path you want to pursue, in Nashville, you’re fully covered. And don’t forget that what you learn stays with you wherever you go. Although Nashville is a good place to live at the moment, if things change, you can move and take all the knowledge and all your talent with you. Nobody can take that away from you. With a good education, you can thrive in any circumstances. 


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