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To find top real estate agents in Nashville TN, we suggest using The Official Real Estate Agent Directory® - the only platform that offers support via phone and live chat for homebuyers, home sellers, and renters and has an up to date list of realtors in Nashville TN. Boasting a large foreign-born community, Nashville is a melting pot of cultures and a sacred ground for country music fans. The local real estate agents in Nashville TN have seen a significant increase in the number of closings this year. So, the city of Nashville seems to be a great place to live besides being a top tourist destination. Realtors in Nashville TN are looking at a favorable market for buyers, with relatively affordable prices. The average listing price is $264,200, while the median home price jumped to $304,800 in May, according to a RE/MAX report. Rents have also increased by 1.43% according to Abodo, the average rent in Nashville at the end of 2018 being around $1,300. Real estate investors who want to tap into the high number of students who study in the Music City will get professional help after hiring one of the top real estate agents in Nashville TN. Realtors in Nashville Tennessee are eager to help homebuyers pick the best property, not only in the city but also in the burbs, with Goodlettsville among the most popular choices. Through their services, buyers’ agents make sure that the home-buying process is smooth and stress-free. So homebuyers looking for a house in Nashville have the market conditions on their side, while the services of the local real estate agents in Nashville TN who represent them are paid for by the seller. Likewise, home sellers must find top-ranked real estate agents in Nashville TN, to negotiate on their behalf and fight for the maximum price. Since the city is growing at a slower pace, the competition for buyers is greater, and only the experienced realtors in Nashville TN knows how to sell a home fast in this context. All their knowledge and expertise is well worth the commission.
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Local real estate agents in Nashville TN


The city of Nashville became the capital of Tennessee in 1843 and today is home to over 650,000 people, while the metropolitan area of Nashville hosts more than 2 million people. 

Nashville the capital city of Tennessee

Spread on the banks of the Cumberland river, the city of Nashville is bustling with life and youthfulness. The median age is only 34, but the high number of students might influence this. About 63% of the residents are white, while roughly 28% are black or African American. When it comes to religion, 81% embrace Christianity, especially Evangelical Protestantism, according to the Pew Research Center. Not surprisingly, Lifeway Christian Resources is proudly featured among the major employers by the Chamber of Commerce, the publisher hiring over 1,200 people. Only 3% of the population is non-Christian, but a staggering 14% is non-religious. 

 Moreover, unemployment is at an all-time low - 2.6% in Nashville and 3.2% in Tennessee. As for the median income, it is currently $74,900. 

Real estate agents in Nashville TN reported that Tennessee was the fourth state by the number of inbound moves last year. Although the sales tax is the second-highest in the US, the cost of living is quite reasonable and there is no need to work two jobs to make ends meet. Tennessee is among the cheapest states to live in. With a property tax rate of 0.74%, the state ranks 13th, yet the realtors in Nashville TN, think it is fairly low when taking into consideration everything this city has to offer. 

Working with the local real estate agents in Nashville TN

There are 1,586 realtors in Nashville TN - one for every 400 inhabitants - while the Official Real Estate Agent Directory® features only the top-ranked real estate agents in Nashville TN. In January 2018 the city of Nashville was growing by 100 people a day, but that number has declined and the market seems to be slowing down. After a period of steady growth, the inventory has slightly decreased. 

While last year there were 12,415 properties on the market during this time of the year, now there are about 1,000 fewer properties for sale. If you happen to sell right now, hire the best realtors in Nashville TN to guide you through the home selling process - from pricing the home competitively to closing and making sure the new owners are satisfied with the new purchase. 


Homebuyers also need to work closely with one of the local real estate agents in Nashville TN, especially if they intend to buy a resale property instead of a new construction. Given the low inventory and the lack of affordable housing, winning a bidding war will not be easy. But most realtors in Nashville TN are used to them and if you really want to bid on a house that you like, they can figure out the right strategy. 

Commercial real estate in Nashville Tennessee

But what makes the real estate market in Nashville so dynamic is the commercial and industrial sector. Construction cranes shape the city’s skyline, adding new commercial buildings that need to be occupied. Now, with the introduction of the Greater Nashville Commercial Information Exchange (CIE), commercial real estate agents in Nashville TN have access to all the listings published by the local real estate companies. This means that entrepreneurs can find the right “home” for their business faster, whether it is a commercial space with street frontage or an office in a quiet neighborhood. So, don’t hesitate to hire a team of commercial realtors in Nashville TN if you want the best for your business.

Employers drawn by the healthy economy of Nashville are fighting for premium locations. The vacancy rate for the past 10 years has been only 9.6%. A Cushman & Wakefield report reveals that there are 4.1 million square feet of office space under construction. The demand for office space is greater than the inventory and rents are growing fast. At the end of Q3, the average asking rent for Class A offices was $32.12/sf/year, while in 2019, the rent for Class B offices was constantly a little below $25/sf/year. The economy of Nashville is doing really well and doesn’t show signs of regress. If you feel that your business might find fertile ground here, look for the local real estate agents in Nashville TN who specializes in commercial real estate and do your business plan!

Nashville Tennessee real estate market

The local realtors in Nashville TN know every neighborhood and every street corner. If you want to move to Nashville, their advice is to come and visit the city like a local. Spend a few days here walking around, mingling and talking to the locals. During that time it is also a good idea to find top-ranked real estate agents in Nashville TN to guide you and recommend the best neighborhoods that suit your lifestyle. For example, first-time homebuyers would rather buy a new construction than a fixer-upper, while families would rather live on the outskirts of the city than in the Downtown area. 

The lack of affordable housing is a chronic problem across the US, and Nashville is no exception. The low inventory often ends up in bidding wars which are a turn-off for many first-time homebuyers. According to the major listing websites, the median home price in Nashville is a little over $300,000 while the homeownership rate is only 54%. At the moment, the market is slightly favorable for buyers, as the city competes with many other great places to live in the US. If you want to become a homeowner in the Music City, find real estate agents in Nashville Tennessee and get preapproved for a loan because the foreclosure rate here is the lowest since the last recession.

Homes for rent in Nashville

So, you’ve been seduced by the honky tonks and the vibe of the city resonates with you in such a way that you really think that Nashville could become your home. The next natural step would be to contact the local real estate agents in Nashville TN to help you rent a home. As you found above, about 46% of Nashvillians are renters. The average rent: $1,300, although it varies from one neighborhood to the other. Why use a rental agent when renting? Not only can they recommend the best neighborhood to experience the city in all its glory, but they will take many other responsibilities off your shoulders, will deal directly with the landlords and will handle all the paperwork so that you don’t have to stress over anything. And, who knows? Maybe sooner or later you will want to purchase your own house or condo here. But renting before buying allows you to test the waters without making a long-term commitment.

Buying a house in Nashville

Keep the business card of your rental agent in your wallet since you never know when you need his or her assistance again. Hiring top real estate agents in Nashville TN as your buyer’s agent is the right approach when buying a house in Nashvegas. The local realtors in Nashville TN will fight for your interest and will negotiate fiercely to get the lowest price possible. But the main benefit of working with a local real estate professional, especially if you come from another state, is that he or she really knows the city and is able to filter the MLS listings to get you and your family in the right house - a house that you can afford. Moreover, their services are usually paid by the seller’s agent brokerage so there’s no extra cost involved. 

Selling a house in Nashville

When you hire the top real estate agents in Nashville TN, not only do you get more money for your property, but you also benefit from a lot of exposure and advertising, your property gets listed in the MLS ( a listing platform only available to local realtors in Nashville TN) and your agent takes care of all the aspects - which, at times, may seem overwhelming for an outsider. In the US, more than 90% of the transactions are carried out by real estate professionals. Very few homeowners dare to sell themselves, FSBO (for sale by owner). So, by hiring the local real estate agents in Nashville TN to sell your property you will be better off since you benefit from their experience and expertise. Nashville agents are highly trained and educated and have what it takes to bloom in this field. Don’t disconsider their professionalism!

Looking for homes for sale under 100k in Nashville TN?

Since the median home price in Nashville is three times greater, it is going to be quite difficult to find homes for sale under $100,000 in Nashville. If you qualify for a USDA loan, you should explore the rural areas around the city together with some of the best realtors in Nashville Tennessee. The cheapest house on the market at the moment of writing was a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom house about 10 miles away from Downtown Nashville and was priced at $39,900, but the next cheapest house costs $129,000. You may have more luck with a condo or townhome, but the options are not abundant at all. However, real estate agents in Nashville TN may have access to different types of distressed properties, so it’s a good idea to hire one whether you are a seasoned investor or a rookie one.

Real estate market growth trends in Nashville, Tennessee

One of the most appealing features of Nashville’s real estate market has to do with its variety. Are you tired of the traffic and the crowds in the urban area? Then, relocate close to the city’s suburban residential areas and have realtors in Nashville TN help you find a home in one of the town’s quiet and peaceful communities. If you enjoy the action from the downtown area, with all the great nightlife opportunities and the urban environment, try living close to the city center. Nashville TN is the city that manages to provide the perfect balance between urban and suburban living in a city that has both.


The capital of country music holds the second-largest music production city in the US after New York. An achievement as significant as this would not pass unnoticed amongst US residents, as more find it the ideal place to relocate. If you enjoy the vibrant community and the Music City’s laid-back lifestyle, don’t hesitate to contact our real estate agents in Nashville TN, to find out about some of the best neighborhoods for country music fans.


The city has received a lot of attention, even amongst celebrities. Many famous singers have built their brilliant careers in the Music City, and most of them call Nashville their home. With about 100 new people relocating to Nashville every day, there is no surprise that the area’s economy is so prosperous. If you think about entering the housing market as a home buyer, get in touch with our realtors in Nashville TN, and become a new resident of this thriving city.


According to Zillow, since 2012, Nashville’s housing market has experienced a positive year-over-year increase in home prices. The forecast for the upcoming year is very promising for Nashville’s real estate market, making it one of the best places in the US for long term investments. By getting in touch with real estate agents in Nashville TN you can get valuable information about the housing market and find yourself an investment property that will bring a high return in the near future.

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