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America is the land of endless possibilities. Both the East and the West Coast have developed rapidly, nourished by the many newcomers who disembarked and settled near the ports of entry. They have built some of the most prosperous cities in the nation that continue to mesmerize and seduce tourists from all over the world. But coastal living doesn’t come cheap. As you travel towards the heartland, though, the cost of living becomes bearable. So is the case with Nashville - a city with less than 1 million inhabitants that has been growing at a rate of 100 people per day until recently. But is Nashville a good place to live? It definitely is. Due to its healthy economy, real estate agents in Nashville TN have been very busy not only on the residential side of the real estate market but also on the commercial side. 

The city of Nashville is a great place to live and this can be seen in the very low unemployment rate which is only 2.6%. Not only do the major employers compete on the salary package they offer to their employees, but they also fight for a better location and state-of-the-art amenities. There is a constant demand for Class A offices, with 4 million square feet currently under construction. So jobs are aplenty. And if you thought that people come here only to succeed in the music industry, you were completely wrong. Education and healthcare are two fields with plenty of opportunities. There are over 40 colleges anduniversities, so those who want to pursue higher education can’t complain. Large companies await them after graduation, the largest employer being the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, which keeps over 20,000 people employed. However, the Batman Building that dominates the skyline is the pride of all real estate agents in Nashville. Built in 1994, the office building is the tallest in Tennessee and was designed to host around 2,000 workers. 


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Employers cannot succeed without a highly-skilled workforce. So, education is a top priority in Nashville and families with children can choose between the 162 public schools included in the Metro Nashville school district. Only 18 miles away you can find the Hendersonville High School where Taylor Swift had been a student before starting her music career. Expect the largest high schools to have around 2,000 students enrolled. But if none of them seems right for your child’s needs, feel free to explore the private schools as well as the charter schools. For example, University School Nashville is a top private school where tuition is between $20,000 (lower school) and $25,000 (high school) per year. To move nearby, find a real estate agent in Nashville and search for homes around the 37212 zip code. Also, take a look at Montgomery Bell Academy or at Harpeth Hall School - both ranking really well on niche[dot]com. Parents of children with special needs will also find good schools that address specific impairments or conditions. So nobody is left behind. 

Why is Nashville a good place to live? Because of its music culture, for sure. The capital of country music is a hot tourist destination, especially during the summer. The honky tonks on Broadway are always crowded and the nightlife is simply spectacular. There is always something going on in the city. Shopaholics will be in their element here while gourmets and gourmands are spoiled with a huge variety of restaurants, as the city has a large foreign-born population. Nashville real estate agents are really proud of their city and are ready to help you move. You won’t regret it!


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