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Last updated: February 7, 2023 • Education Advice

The Best States for Education

No matter which season we are in, schools, the education system, and the learning environment will always take center stage in our everyday discussions. Are you prepared to send your child to school? What makes you so sure that you’ve chosen the best learning environment? 

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Where to send my child? A tough nut to crack for every parent 

When appropriately employed, politics can influence various social sectors positively through funding. However, the poor state of certain American schools and the United States education ranking generally become subjects of heated (and inert) political debates. Nevertheless, everybody seems to completely forget what the topic should be about: our kids’ future and how to improve it without a meaningless political mantra.

Where should you live in the US to safeguard your kids’ future with the best education? Of course, schools in the same state, city, or even district can vary wildly in terms of quality. This article will give a rough idea of which states promote good early education.  As a matter of principle, The top ten states from our list also provide better than average high schools and motivate students the best to graduate and attend college.

School is on – are you prepared to make the hard decision?

child going back to school

With school going back in session, many parents might be wondering how they’ve done at choosing the best school districts for their children’s academic success. Frequently, parents face the most complex dilemma, which forms of education should they choose for their offspring: public, private, charter, or homeschool? Free tuition vs. a higher quality of education?

Others ask how one can really know what the measurements mean – is quality a question of available public funding? Test scores? Safety? The answer is indeed a complex one; it’s the combination of all of these factors. Moreover, the best states for education concentrate on providing excellent special needs schools as an alternative to the primarily embraced concept of homeschooling your kid with disabilities.

Addressing your concerns about the necessity of education

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Many people still question the merits of a sound schooling system. Unfortunately, some recurrent social phenomenon apparently enforces their views. Online celebs have gained questionable social recognition, not based on their former education. Just think of simple influencers repeating the same old nonsense. You and your kids can find them on extremely trendy virtual platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, etc. Everybody envies them for taking home the big buck for mostly a laughable and immature performance.

These superficial people sell shady services and even their own bodies online and earn unimaginable amounts of money. Therefore, they can pose a severe threat to schools’ credibility. Parents freak out when their kids ask: Why should I learn when celebs can make a fortune overnight without learning? 

Secondly, they can sap the authenticity of these online platforms in terms of their social media marketing efficiency and potential.

It’s true; our education system fails to equip students for adulthood time after time. Still, the alternative of skipping school altogether would lead to a social, economic, and personal downfall and even anarchy in the long run. A world without education could bring about the end of humankind.

What is education good for? 

education school concept little child

Education is a critically essential institution all over the world. It fulfills a significant role in determining a country’s level of development since it decreases poverty, increases the economy, and promotes peace. The quality and degree of education in the United States substantially correspond with median salaries. It’s no wonder that the best states for education typically boast tremendous economic potential, and they are usually the safest states in America.

Higher education means better wages.

A college education is now more critical than ever, with even manager positions at Mcdonald’s now requiring degrees in business. But the best hope for getting into a good college is getting a good education as a child first. An excellent prior higher education can pave the way for your child to get into a tuition-free college

And with the path to college remaining the traditional route to professional and financial success for many Americans, bringing them into a decent school system at a young age is vital.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals with a bachelor’s degree earned 68 percent more than those with only a high school diploma. Chances of employment and higher income increase with more education.

According to an Economic Policy Institute report, income is higher in states where the workforce is well educated, as they are more productive. Besides, those higher earning workers contribute more to the local schools in taxes. But are these the main criteria, indeed? 

What does it take to call an educational facility “a good school?”

happy student looking thumbs like

In plain terms, the most obvious method to determine this inquiry would be that representatives of the Education Commission of the States or the federal government in charge of education walked into a school and asked every student two fundamental questions. What are you doing there? And why are you attending school? Suppose all the children can answer these two questions authentically. In that case, we can most definitely call that learning environment a good school. 

Children’s needs come first.

Besides the official metrics reporting the school’s overall results in the number of graduations and test score results, it all comes down to devising a happy, stress-free, and creative environment. 

A good school encourages students to find their voices and try new things. Furthermore, they motivate pupils to develop social and emotional maturity to be successful adults. Thus, a genuinely positive and supportive community emerges in these classrooms and hallways.

A helpful staff facilitates an exceptional learning environment.

Secondly, this happy-go-lucky attitude is mirrored in the teachers’ perspective, which, in its turn, results in a more efficient and creative classroom. Finally, the school principal and the administrative system should also unconditionally support the board of professors in their work. Several of the best states for education can provide these favorable circumstances in the United States for your child to thrive.

How did they decide the United States education ranking?

stair made colourful growing system concept

The good folks over at WalletHub compared the quality of education in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. They used 17 key metrics, ranging from “student-teacher ratio” to “average SAT and ACT scores” to “dropout rate.” A few states stand out in certain areas but lag in others. However, it’s crystal clear that some states should be on your “I wonder if my company has an office there?” list.

The states were graded based on their achievement in higher education, elementary and secondary schools, and pre-K (pre-kindergarten) education. The percentages of grownups with associate degrees or higher, the student rates completing public four-year and two-year college programs in 150% of the regular time. 

In addition, the best states for education have obtained higher than average grades regarding the average tuition and expenses for in-state students at public institutions. Officials also considered the average debt load of graduates from public and private colleges as relevant metrics.

What are the best states for education that frequently perform well?

united states map

Based on 2021 statistics, the Northeast holds the top ten rankings for “school system quality.” And the top-ten list goes as follows: Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin, Maine, Indiana, and Minnesota.

However, when it comes to “school system safety,” the Midwest and the South popped up: Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Utah, Delaware, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Florida, Vermont, and Texas.

At the bottom of the listings fell the impoverished Southern States like Alabama, Louisiana, and  Mississippi, as well as the Southwestern States like New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona.

Brand new statistics on the best states for education in the United States (2022)

Several organizations gather and compile data for ranking lists, such as the US department of education, the public school review, and the before mentioned WalletHub. In 2022, they graded school systems based on student success, quality of the learning environment, and student safety. Finally, the ranking list uses a hundred-point scale, counting the total average based on the previous three factors we will show in our presentation.

Which are the top ten best states for education in the US?

You can’t go wrong if you choose one of the upcoming states! 

10. Minnesota 

minneapolis university of minnesota

Minnesota has improved its education system greatly in the last decade. Students’ success ranked fourth, school quality 16th, and school safety 43rd. In the end, they scored a total of 72.61. 

We would recommend St. Croix Preparatory Academy as one of the most acclaimed public institutions in the state. Also, you should believe the recommendation of skilled local realtors in Saint Paul, Minnesota! According to them, Nova Classical Academy Upper School is quite a popular choice for locals and newcomers.

9. Delaware 

Delaware boasts a respectable student success score. Though it ranks 26, in other words, in the middle of this list, it’s still high and encourages you to choose its unique facilities. Its schools’ quality is where Delaware genuinely shines by obtaining 6th place, amply making up for a moderately lagging student success. Do you still have doubts? Then, let us convince you why to pick Delaware; student safety ranked number one in the United States! Its total score is 74 points! Way to go, Delaware!

Ask experienced local real estate agents in Wilmington DE! They will confirm that Newark Charter School and Charter School in Wilmington are two of the most beloved options for parents.

8. Maryland

university of maryland

Did you know that Maryland has countless affordable places to live? Moreover, the state is doing great in terms of education despite hosting one of the most notorious cities with high crime rates, Baltimore. Based on students’ success, Maryland ranked 14th. Besides, its school quality ranked ninth, and its students’ safety 15th. Therefore, the total score Maryland achieved on the United States education ranking was 74.33. 

Professional local real estate agents in Bethesda, Maryland, would suggest you give a shot to Walt Whitman High and Thomas S. Wootton High School in Rockville.

7. Vermont

The Green Mountain State features plenty of mind-blowingly unique adventures. Moving to Vermont will bring you the advantage of a top-notch education system. Vermont’s students’ success ranks tenth among all US states. Then, its school quality ranked number eight. At the same time, students safety scored 20th place on the ranking list, making it one of the best states for education! Vermont’s total score added up to 74.82 points. 

Suppose you’re interested in the best schools in Vermont. Then, top-tier local realtors in Jericho VT, will happily inform you that their Mt Mansfield Union High School figures as many parents’ number one choice. 

6. New Hampshire

new hampshire townscape

The students’ success ranked New Hampshire number eight among every US state. Secondly, the school quality accomplished an outstanding result, ranking seventh. On the downside, student safety ranked only 37th. Based on New Hampshire’s recent progress, we can predict that schools will significantly improve on this handicap. Nevertheless, the state scored total points of 74.91, an exceptional achievement! 

The USA News ranked the Academy for Science and Design (ASD) in Nashua as the number one school in the state. Knowledgeable local real estate agents in Nashua, NH, can recommend other and just as outstanding schools in their city.

5. Virginia

Suppose you’re on a trip, visiting the best places in Virginia., And its beauties fascinate you to such an extent that you wish to move to The Big Band State with your family. 

You’re fortunate since Virginia boasts remarkable results regarding the public school system. Its student success ranks fifth, while its school quality ranks twelve in America. However, here comes the kicker; student safety ranks only 40th! As a solution, Virginian school districts push students’ mental health services to keep off violent acts in the learning environments.

Our top pick for the best school in Alexandria, VA, goes to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. For additional information, contact the best local realtors in Alexandria VA! You can also look into the beautiful city of Fairfax, VA, for a fantastic choice in W.T. Woodson High School!

4. New York

new york usa april

Is it worth examining the phenomenal New York State schooling system? In short, you can hardly pick a better state because the Empire State promises to deliver you the goods. For starters, student success in NY State ranks 13th. And now comes the jaw-dropping bonus; its school quality ranks number one nationwide! However, their school safety ranks only 19th. In the end, they accumulated 77.38 points. 

Obviously, the state features great schools besides the Big Apple. USA News selected the Flushing school called Townsend Harris High School as one of the state’s top-ranked public schools. Licensed local realtors in Flushing NY, will certify this fact!

Queens High School for the Sciences at York College, located in Jamaica, NY, and Stuyvesant High School in New York City also got excellent ratings.

3. Connecticut

connecticut usa downtown skyline

Connecticut hosts some of America’s wealthiest neighborhoods, well-off towns, and highest-ranked schools. Now, let’s see how our state performed education-wise. Connecticut’s student success ranks third, while its school quality ranks fourth on the best states for education list. Still, its student safety ranks only 13th, an area they must improve upon. All in all, Connecticut achieved 81.44 points as the total score. 

Suppose you’re looking for a good school in the state. In that case, expert local real estate agents in Darien CT, will recommend Darien High School. 

Are you more of an East Hartford, CT, fan? Then, you can’t go wrong with Connecticut IB Academy!

2. New Jersey

The Garden State established its reputation for designing a creatively managed and reliably funded public and private education system. It offers excellent high schools and colleges all around. Once you see the results, you will be convinced that New Jersey’s second place on this United States education ranking list is more than well-deserved. Regarding student success, school quality, and student safety New Jersey ranks second and scored 85.81 points in total. It’s truly mesmerizing. 

You must be wondering which are the top-ranked schools in New Jersey. Perhaps, top-tier local realtors in Edison NJ, can answer that question – it’s Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Technologies, of course! In second place comes Union County Magnet High School in Scotch Plains, NJ, followed by Bergen County Academies, Hackensack, NJ.

Don’t let cliches (such as people are generally unpleasant and similar nonsense ) throw you off about moving to the most densely-populated state! 

1. Massachusetts

harvard spring new view concept

Undoubtedly, Massachusetts is filled with hidden gems you must see once in a lifetime! The state has shown up in the top five best states for education for many years, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it got first place again. Local stats are telling: only approximately two percent of the Massachusetts high schoolers abandon ship before graduation. 

Also, the state is the undefeated heavyweight champion in reading and math scores nationally. Just ask the top local realtors in Boston, Massachusetts, and find out about such treasuries as Boston College, Harvard, Amherst, Boston University, and Brandeis University! Without a doubt, Boston is the city you will want to send your kids to.

Massachusetts’ student success ranks first, and school quality ranks third on our list. Regarding student safety, the state ranks 8th. Massachusetts achieved 86.12 points, a bar too high to beat for the other US states. 

Besides Boston, you’ll be more than satisfied with Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School in Marlborough, MA, and Sturgis Charter Public School in Hyannis, MA.

Which states ranked at the bottom of the list?

bad review service dislike

Based on the same ranking system, Arizona (the worst in 2022), Louisiana, Alaska, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, California, Alabama, West Virginia, Mississippi, and South Carolina ended last on the list of the best places for education in the United States.     

Students can’t store knowledge effectively.

The reasons behind this phenomenon are manifold and shed light on the often criticized American public education system’s inefficiency in general. Right off the bat, schools and teachers still favor the rigid testing method of pupils’ knowledge instead of fostering an effective learning environment. As a result, many students end up forgetting virtually everything after taking the test. Besides, they lack the skills to learn effectively.

Teachers also suffer

These schools’ main challenges are the lack of proper funding, privatization, and the system’s obsolete structure. Long hours and low pay result in high teacher turnover and staff shortage. Professors are overworked and can’t motivate their students to learn and think creatively.

The dark aspects of free education

money saving glass bottle concept

A false assumption emerged in the 1980s. Privatization performs better, right? So why not apply it to schools as well? However, nobody seemed concerned that the success of privatization presupposes cutting costs and, if necessary, reducing personnel to maximize profits. 

The US government spent substantially less federal money on education. The most considerable loss in education funding occurred between 1980 and 1983, when direct federal education spending fell by 18 percent.

Direct government spending on elementary and secondary education climbed by 16 percent after 1983, while spending on other programs increased by 26 percent. In other words, public schools were deprived of badly needed public funding. Therefore, there was insufficient money to pay teachers, forcing them to leave school. Moreover, based on questionable reports on the improving private school system, parents were encouraged to send their children to those instead of public schools. 

Secondly, more kids are crammed into the same classroom because of teacher shortage. And we haven’t discussed a budgetary deficiency in school supplies and facility maintenance. All these factors trigger the emergence of an unsafe learning environment. 

Public schools have been trapped in a vicious circle they couldn’t escape ever since the late 80s. The dire situation affects students’ results and test scores in the most harmful way. The cutting back of proper funding hit those US states on the back of our list the most.


A school’s reputation in the new city often determines American relocation trends. Undoubtedly, you can find such a fine and nationally acclaimed public and private school in virtually every state. This article intended to shed light on the general picture regarding which places qualify as the best states for education based on the United States education ranking. As you can see, you should consider many factors before choosing a good school. 

Are you planning a move? The highest-rated states may be attractive, but the cost of living can also be higher. Giving professional local real estate agents a shout-out is an excellent way to help you decide which state and city to choose. These experts know their way around the trendiest neighborhoods. They can quickly bring you up to speed with the top-tier educational facilities in the area your kids genuinely deserve. 

Which states would you consider the best in the US? We would gladly listen to you. So why don’t you share it with us? If you have found this article helpful, please share it with your friends on your social media profiles! Don’t forget to come back for more eye-opening blog entries on the US education system!


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