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The second largest city in the “Granite State”, Nashua is a charming old mill town with scenic beauty built on the Merrimack and Nashua rivers. Nashua is one of those cities with a fantastic location: right on the Massachusetts border, it’s close to literally everything. Whether you want to get to Boston or go on an escape to the embrace of nature in the mountains, everything is within easy driving distance. Being located next to the border, you can get to the neighboring state within minutes. Sea lovers, you’re really close to your love! New Hampshire is just boasting of natural beauty: there is also a lakes region about one hour north, and the beautiful White Mountains are two hours away. Local real estate agents in Nashua NH are proud of their city, because it has been ranked several times among the best cities to live in the country! With affordable housing options, good schools, and universities available, Nashua is the perfect place for young professionals and families alike. Getting to Boston takes only 45 minutes, so you can take advantage of the proximity, and work there! Some people even say that the city is becoming a suburb of Boston anyway. But according to realtors in Nashua NH, there are plenty of jobs and excitement to discover locally, so, let’s jump into those details!

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Live free or die

The motto of the state sounds kind of harsh, but when you start to think about it, it’s an invitation to aim for a good life and independence. Nashua, located on the border, has more of a Massachusetts feel and Massachusetts culture, according to the local real estate agents in Nashua NH. So the expectation of freedom is not that heavy in these parts. But you can enjoy the benefits of liberty: living without a state income tax, and no sales tax. Yay! But the world can’t fall out of balance, can it? To make the economy work, you need to pay a bigger property tax, unfortunately. It’s also important to note, that buying a home in Nashua NH is much cheaper because of it being located in New Hampshire. A few miles further, properties can be much more expensive in Massachusetts. There can be a difference of almost $100,000. We can take the word of the local real estate agents in Nashua NH, that this city has pretty affordable housing options compared to Massachusetts. The median sales price of a home was $425,000 in September, up 10.4% compared to last year, but still much under the median sales price of a home in the nearby city of Methuen in Massachusetts, which was $562,000 in September. Rental in Nashua NH, for a studio apartment, was $1,4501, and for a one-bed apartment $1,779.

There are many things to take into consideration and calculate when buying or selling a home in Nashua NH. If you need more info or clarification on prices, feel free to reach out to one of the realtors in Nashua NH, for help.

Being very close to Boston, and having no sales tax, obviously made Nashua NH, sort of a shopping center, where people from Massachusetts come to shop tax-free. And no wonder, because according to real estate agents in Nashua NH, this place is a shopping paradise! 

It has amazing colossal shopping malls, where you can buy literally everything tax-free. 

Jobs and schools in Nashua New Hampshire

Talking about the economy, Nashua was built around the textile industry. That is gone now, its place being taken by financial services, high tech, and defense. But among the major employers, we count the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, Saint Joseph Hospital, and Gateways Community Services too. There are plenty of jobs in the sales industry too. 

If you want to take advantage of the proximity and work in Boston, you can easily do that too, but note the warning of local real estate agents in Nashua NH, that you have to pay the Massachusetts state income tax. Commuting to Boston can only be done with a car because public transportation is not really available. 

In exchange, according to local realtors in Nashua NH, this city has excellent schools, and colleges locally. There are three middle schools and two public high schools: Nashua High School South and Nashua High School North. There are private schools, too, like Bishop Guertin High School, the Academy for Science and Design, and the Nashua Christian Academy. Collegewise, you can choose from: Nashua Community College, River University, Southern New Hampshire University’s Nashua Campus, and a branch of Granite State College located on NCC’s campus. 

The vibe, and things to do in Nashua New Hampshire

Despite the considerable shopping traffic, the city has a friendly small-town feel, with no heavy traffic, and we can take the word of local realtors in Nashua NH for that! It's a gorgeous old mill city with that charming New England feel. The population was 91,124 at the 2021 census, so Nashua has a nice city feel without being crowded and polluted. Smaller cities are starting to gain popularity, real estate agents in Nashua NH say. Nashua is a convenient choice because of that, too. The location can’t be emphasized enough, it’s a plus when it comes to proximity to airports too. Nashua airport for general aviation is in the northwestern corner of the city, while Boston or Manchester are both very close for commercial flights. Speaking of flying, have you ever tried skydiving? You can do that right on the other side of the border at Skydive Pepperell, which is actually closer to Nashua than to Pepperell. 

Nashua has a nice downtown with many restaurants and cafes on Main Street to enjoy. It’s a beautifully green city, with smaller buildings, contributing to the historical look, according to realtors in Nashua NH. You can’t find many high-rise condos here, everything stays at a friendly human scale. There are lots of parks to choose from to enjoy some fresh air, practice sports, or walk with the family. Mine Falls Park is the biggest, with trails along the Nashua river, a stadium, and a baseball field. 

There’s an excellent cultural life to attend in this city, too, because Nashua has a great symphonic orchestra and art life, too. Nashua is the only city in the United States that hosts an annual international sculpture symposium. 


If you’re considering moving here, Nashua will probably be very friendly with you. Local real estate agents in Nashua NH, will be just as friendly if you reach out to gather some more information on what it’s like to live in one of the greatest cities in New Hampshire. Feel free to reach out, they will be more than happy to help!

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