Do You Really Need a Home Stager?

Do you really need a home stagger?

In the past, houses sold without any staging, and maybe hiring a home stager seems like an unnecessary extra step. After all, a house is going to sell eventually. Isn’t it?

Have you had these one-sided conversations with yourself recently?

If you have, you should know, thirty-four percent of all real estate agents use staging in homes they’re trying to sell, and that the median cost for staging homes is approximately $675. From those staging services, prospective home buyers offer a 1-5 percent increase on the staged home. That means, you easily get back your investment into staging a home.

Just in case you were wondering.

Staging a home helps a home buyer envision themselves in a foreign space that can easily become theirs in their mind, a place they will live for a long time. A place where they may start a family, or a home, which will allow them to provide extra space for their growing family.

People like to define the spaces they see in front of them, to learn what rooms and areas of the house would be used for. You appeal to their lifestyles and sensibilities through staging.

But where do you start and what rooms are the most import to stage?

The living room is a key focal point. When a home buyer walks into the living room, they transport their family into their dream. They might see a shared haven where they will watch movies as they snuggle on the couch with their kids and spouse. You’re simply showing them what they can look forward to with a great staging job.

Next, make sure your stager hits the kitchen, as this is one of the rooms where people spend the most time. The kitchen is also associated with nourishing our families, so plenty of warm, fuzzy feelings come to the surface here. Make sure the stager puts extra effort into bringing out the best features. Play up its open qualities and clearly define work areas. Pay attention to how the primary meal preparer would be expected to go through the process of cooking a meal. Does the kitchen feel convenient and welcoming? This is the goal to shoot for.

After the living room and the kitchen are arranged and enticing, guide your stager to the bedroom and bathroom. These areas, which double as retreats encourage your potential home buyer to again flip on their imagination. Can her little girl grow up in this room? Will her husband enjoy the shower each morning before work? Can he sit on the bed and read a book while the kids play nearby? Appeal to the creature comforts your home buyer longs to experience so they feel at home instantly.

Once your listing is freshly staged, you can feel confident it won’t last on the real estate market.


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