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Last updated: June 10, 2022 • Lifestyle

Glimpse into the future: modern visual and audio escapism

The world can often seem like not such a pleasant place to be. There are, however, several ways of soothing and refreshing escapism we can choose from to counterbalance the negative aspects of our modern life. 

The upcoming article will revolve around burning questions, which keep tech-gurus and geeks up all night. How will smart houses look in the future equipped with the latest audio-visual technology and the best home devices? The limitless potentials of modern technology are indeed fascinating. Will there be a separate source of music and sound for every room? Stop right there! Before entertaining the idea of making your residence smart, be sure you have implemented these home improvements that have the biggest impact on your house!


Break the humdrum with a larger-than-life spectacle!

woman glasses virtual reality

Let us present you with a much healthier, and, we might add, eco-friendly method for escapism! And what a pleasure to behold and listen! Of course, we are referring to the new-generation visual and audio technology. They are here for you to provide the perfect break-away from the monotonous weekdays, struggle, and self-indulgent society.

Paradoxically, the advantages of this technology can be the exact disadvantages at the same time. There is a heightened sense of total disruption from reality. Many users might become hooked to such an extent that they lose the fine line between real and fake. Suffice to say you should keep a healthy balance!

Disadvantages of modern-day escapism

In the wrong hands and unduly used, these cutting-edge electrical home systems and gadgets might backfire on us. For this reason, we deemed it necessary to emphasize its harmful side-effects right at the very beginning. As always, human psychology is a crucial factor here. Our psyches are gullible and fragile to the “reality” presented to us. Seeing is believing.

Most definitely, there is the peril of completely disconnecting from reality. This innovative technology can often mistake the projected world on the screen with the real outside world. The two might replace one another, like in the movie Matrix. 

Images are so life-like, the sounds so authentic that the weak-minded can easily be tricked into accepting artificially generated images as certainty. And we haven’t mentioned new games on the block, such as virtual reality, interactive and immersive games equipped with realistic sounding, and IMAX movie theatres, etc. All have been designed to take your breath away and grasp you from reality. Why be a cogwheel when you can travel to the Bahamas with the help of your TV set, or a virtual reality headset? Why be a wimp when you can become the next superhero saving the planet?

Consequently, these ground-breaking modern innovations found our weak spots. A recurrent public debate brings to our attention the possible relation between video games and violence.

In addition, the costs of implementing these inventive gimmicks are not budget-friendly. You should have a significant source of revenue to sponsor such hobbies.

Imagine how your futuristic home cinema experience will look like!

young bearded wearing virtual glasses

Owning a home equipped initially with intelligent gadgets is not a prerequisite. You can update it anytime, thus your old home can learn new tricks!

Picture a home endowed with LED TVs and projectors displaying various shows based on individual taste. You can pre-set the source of imagery in every room using only your mobile phone as a remote control! Of course, you can do that with your sound system as well! How smart is your home, anyway? A smart home is equipped with eco-friendly appliances, which consume less energy. Therefore, you can save money in the long run. 

The bigger, the better! Treat yourself to a large screen TV or a projector in your living room to not miss one detail during your favorite football game!

Welcome to TV World!

Nowadays, a good TV starts with smart technology. It should connect to the internet through Wi-Fi to offer broad coverage for various streaming services, shows, music, and gaming. In addition, it has a resolution of 2160 pixels, or 4K UHD enabling it to cast crystal-clear images. If you are blown away by 4k picture quality, wait till you experience 8K TVs. 

What aspects should you focus on when buying a TV set?

electronics store consult

A TV set with universally acknowledged merits satisfies an extensive range of expectations. New generation televisions broadcast sports and regular cable shows with exceptional picture quality. Watching films in UHD (2160p) technology offers a remarkable experience with a crystal clear image, infinite contrast ratio, deep blacks (or black uniformity), and HDR (High Dynamic Range) system. 

An exquisite TV can function as a replacement for your PC monitor. Furthermore, you should be able to play video games without a blurring effect, and with an instantaneous response time. Let’s not forget about a wide viewing angle, so that even larger groups can enjoy the same experience as those sitting right in front of the TV! Most smart TVs have VRR, a variable refresh rate, used to eliminate stutters from the picture.

Many considered 3D TVs to be another eye-wash. In reality, three-dimensional television sets played with the viewers’ depth perception using overlapping images and signals. Special 3D glasses deciphered the signals into one single image. There was a quick rise and fall of three-dimensional TVs. Unfortunately, manufacturers stopped production around 2016 due to costly equipment and often poor quality. The basis of technology still exists, though, ready to be improved in time!

Explore the present-generation television sets

samsung tv store

Don’t confuse the terms! LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and LED (light-emitting diode) TVs are quite similar since they have been designed on the somewhat same functioning principles. LCD TVs use fluorescent lamps to provide backlighting, while LED uses LED lights.

The market once ruled by excellent picture-quality plasma TVs is now dominated by LED TVs. Unfortunately, plasma TVs, primarily manufactured by Panasonic, are no longer in production mainly because they consume 20% more electricity than LED TVs. 

Now, the OLED and QLED TVs are in high demand due to their low energy consumption and brilliant hi-def picture quality. Here are the best brands: Sony, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Vizio, HiSense, etc.

Qled vs. Oled TVs

Theoretically, QLED TVs qualify as better television sets because they deliver an enhanced brightness and prolonged lifespan. Moreover, they are more low-cost than their counterpart. If you wish to experience an absorbing picture for playing a video game, QLED TVs are your best bet. 

On the other hand, OLED TVs were designed for movie buffs enjoying profound black levels, a wider color gamut, and a near-perfect contrast ratio. Although they are more energy-efficient, and ‘healthier’ than QLED TVs, you must be watching out for static images lingering for too long on your OLED TV, because they may cause permanent burn-in!

You can’t go back once you’ve experienced IMAX!

imax logo concept

You must have heard about the larger-than-life and astonishing IMAX experience in unique IMAX movie theatres. The term IMAX is an abbreviation of image maximum, and it surely honors its name! The proper venue hosts circular and broad screens approximately six times larger than regular movie screens. Their monumental dimension creates the impression of embracing the audience. Naturally, you feel like you are part of the spectacle. 

Before you get carried away with the possibility of installing an IMAX home theatre system in your own house, we must emphasize that the costs are pretty considerable, around $500,000 (2019 estimate). And prices go higher if you decide to have dual 4K 2D/3D projections built-in. Moreover, you will need a pretty big room.

A home IMAX theater boasts an advanced image enhancer, immersive IMAX curved screen, a specially designed audio system (better than the regular), an HD multimedia content server, etc.

Cease outside noises and discover great sound effects!

Since we discussed video technology showing life-like picture quality, let’s have a look (or rather hearing) at audio systems, shall we?

Don’t have time to attend your favorite concert? Then, why not create a superb atmosphere in your living room? Set up a 5.1 or 7.1 Home Theater Surround Sound with three front-channel speakers, two rear-channel speakers, and one subwoofer! The system can reproduce the music quality from a live event, so you will not miss anything. 2.0 soundbars can be an option for you, but a stereo system could never compete against the more impressive and engaging Dolby Surround 5.1 or 7.1 sound sources! Moreover, why don’t you play your music and listen to it on the audio system, while incorporating musical instruments into your interior design.

You can use complex surround sound systems for any spectacle played on Blu-ray players, game consoles, and PCs. Yet, most of all they were designed to give you that incredible and unbeatable feeling of the true cinema experience. 

A sound comparison between Dolby Digital and DTS

man cover his ears loud noise

Rain falling, combat planes flying over your head, or drug cartels blowing up, you will feel right in the center of the action! The main difference between these multi-channel surround systems is the way they encode audio. DTS (abbreviation for Digital Theater Sound) compresses audio more thoroughly and encodes sound at a higher bit rate. As a result, many audio experts consider DTS to be the far superior sound system. However, more advanced formats of both versions support HD surround sound in the form of DTS-X and Dolby Atmos.

Meet the next generation surround audio format, DTS-X! Originally designed to compete against Dolby Atmos, it delivers outstanding quality with height channels and speakers conveying sound upwards.

Dolby Atmos is a highly esteemed and fashionable surround sound format present in cinemas and the most state-of-the-art home theater systems. Now it is available for mobile phones too! Atmos creates a more dramatic reverberation sound effect than Dolby 7.1. For this reason, you might consider an update.

You can use many loudspeakers to these systems installed on walls, floor, and even the ceiling. Now imagine the trembling effects of a good car chase!

Riveting gaming experiences

powerful personal computer gamer rig

Technology is all around us. It tears us out of our real world and creates its reality. Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, and Virtual Reality provide us with trendy indoor activities while mentally we travel lightyears away from our actual location. 

It is beyond question that top game development companies strive to invent new games far more immersive than their previous generation. In terms of resolution and image crispness, all consoles offer premium quality with only small-scale differences.

Experience the absorbing games on your large-screen TV and Dolby Atmos audio system!

Still, sometimes one must take a breather and choose instead to party games to play with friends.

Give in to the mesmerizing spectacle!

Technology can bring us an unimaginable source of joy in the bright future or directly contribute to our fall. It is up to us, whichever will become a reality. One thing is for sure. Technological advancements are a daily thing, almost mundane. Subsequently, they can significantly impact our lives with self-driving cars, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain, etc. 

In this maddening world, we will need to create an oasis of our own to retreat. Modern-day video and audio gadgets and devices help us in achieving this. We must be extra prudent, though, not to abuse this fantastic technology! Revisit cautionary films warning us about the downside of technology gone rogue: The Terminator, Matrix, Existenz!

Are you also a tech fanatic? What will your high-tech room look like? Share your vision of the future with us! If you found this article thought-provoking, please give it a big thumbs up and share it on your social media! And as always, come back for more on technological updates!


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