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Last updated: March 28, 2022 • Home Improvement

Home design trends for 2022

Design trends are ever-changing, cyclical, and sometimes difficult to keep up with. They change with the season or year and are influenced by society’s experiences. Societal trends bleed into interior design as it does into collective consciousness and art. The way we feel and the experiences that we have inspires trends, and in some cases, we see these trends hang on to values and ideals that we share as a society.

Our way of life needs to be altered in a powerful way, and our collective consciousness is becoming more and more aware of this. Our impact on our environment is more and more visible everywhere around us. The weather sweeping across the globe or the real estate market trends of 2022 are just some of the effects. However, lack of sustainability within our system and our harmful way of life need to be modified if we want our society to thrive. The decorating trends of 2022 will do just that. They will take our needs into account and combine them with the needs shared by humanity and the planet for a greener and more sustainable way of life.

Understanding our Needs

Explorer male hand greenery

The 2022 home design trends will simply follow the sustainability trends that we can see in our state and everywhere else in the world. Through green energy gaining popularity or a growing focus on work-life balance and health, we are starting to fix what’s broken before throwing something out. We are trying to fix our society. The last few years were already swaying towards more natural interior design trends, with minimalist influences and sustainable undertones. Eco-friendly design becomes more appealing as we grow aware that we can fix something broken and reinvent something old.

The last couple of years made us more aware of how we live our lives and what we focus on. Instead of running around for more material things, we focused on how we felt. We spent more time indoors and understood what we needed from our environment and lives. We concentrate on the simple things that bring us joy as the big things become overwhelming. 2022 home design trends are taking over the reins and accelerating towards what makes a home feel comfortable, welcoming, safe, economically sound, and healthy.

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The way 2022 home design trends carry on the mantle from the previous year is not a statement to prove our resignation to how our home looks and how change is costly. It’s not a result of being stuck in one place for extended periods of time and feeling like every day is the same—quite the contrary. We are focusing on ourselves more and what makes us feel better. Whether it’s about understanding how color and light can affect our moods or how bringing more warmth in our homes will make them more comfortable, we care more about our needs.

Instead of seeing some trends going out of style and others taking over, we see the harsh lines between these trends blurring away. Our love for contemporary style might contradict Scandinavian designs. Still, the warmth they each bring finds its place in our home. Our homes are becoming our personal spaces, and they fit our unique style more than ever. We are no longer constricted to only using certain styles for a magazine-style interior design. We dictate what we like, what fits, and what our needs are. It works even if it is an old wooden armchair and a sleek metal coffee table. They provide for our needs and let our personalities shine through.

Interior designers are all in, and the way 2022 home design trends seem to form is almost biological. Let’s see what our needs created for us in terms of the upcoming home design trends of 2022.

Nature Finds a Way

Stylish room interior beautiful plants

Natural undertones will be prevalent throughout our homes, whether it’s in the colors we use or the furniture’s material. The reason behind it evolved, however. While the focus on aesthetics doesn’t lose importance, our love affair with mother nature discovers new depts.

Studies proved that the colors and forms surrounding us impact how we feel in an environment. The conclusion proclaimed that organic designs and natural color schemes improve our mental and physical health. When we are in nature, stress levels drop, blood pressure normalizes, and our heart rate is steady. We connect to the natural world in ways we tend to overlook. Our minds are open to discoveries, we’re motivated to explore and create, and we are happier.

As we need happiness in our lives more than ever, bringing the elements that inspire this feeling seems only natural. We’re going back to our roots and bringing nature into our homes. Finding the balance between our hectic lifestyle and being in tune with nature is an organic process. It’s not forced, but simple. It’s a plant, a wooden desk, a textured pillow made from natural fibers, brass knobs, or stone countertops. Earthly hues and organic materials will take center stage with harsh, raw materials like stone and metals. We will slowly evacuate plastic and anything man-made from our homes while nature’s beauty will become prevalent.

Look up to the Sky

Modern design home interior open space

The neverending expanse of space above us was the inspiration for the world’s greatest artists. We can look at Van Gogh’s Starry Night or Constantin Brancusi’s Endless Column as examples of this. Allowing the light to come into our homes will bring optimism and luminosity inside our spaces. Natural light increases the comfort in a home as it brings a lightness and a reassuring feeling to everything it touches.

Your space will fill with optimism and a comfortable warmth through the use of natural light. However, if that is not an option, we can use artificial lighting for the same effect. Light hues of neutral colors, whites, greens, blues, or bold shades of maroon, purple, olive, and mustard will complement each other for aesthetic balance when shrouded in light, artificial or natural.

Our needs for light differ based on rooms and moods. Smart lighting fixtures can provide both warm-yellow light and day-light, ranging between 1,000K to 4,500K. They will allow us to find the light suitable for the time of day. Our circadian cycle is our most profound biological process and guides our entire life. Implementing lighting systems that can meet those needs in case natural light is challenging to attain will make our everyday lives more in tune with our needs. Another option is multiple sources of light. Aside from the ceiling fixture, the use of lamps, track lights, low-hanging lights, and firelight from candles or fireplaces will become more popular. The look of these light fixtures will follow in line with the natural aspect of metal. Black, copper, silver, or gold finishes will contour the natural landscape of our homes.

Simpleness in Shapes

Scandinavian interior living room design

Lines will no longer be rough edges in our home design trends of 2022. The flow of these lines will resemble shapes we can find in nature. Nature is not organized but organic. It flows, it moves, it changes and evolves. It’s not stagnant but alive. The shapes we’ll see in 2022 are rounded, irregular, and organic. It can be from the natural aspect of wood grains in wooden furniture or flooring. The round-edged table in your dining room, the curved shape of your kitchen barstools, or the pattern of the flower’s leaf in the corner of the room will all share natural patterns.

These shapes promote comfort and complement the nature-inspired decorating trends for 2022. Arched windows are gaining popularity, doorways, and crown molding patterns with curved structural patterns. If you’re thinking of smaller elements of a less structural nature around the home, look at rounded, geometric, or abstract patterns on pillows, rugs, blankets, or art. These will complement the home’s atmosphere through our attraction towards natural patterns. Lines that move organically and resemble shapes found in the natural world give spaces a more soothing ambiance.

Nature from Within

Small plant pot displayed window vintage

Our growing need for nature will take biophilia to sophisticated new heights. The decorating trends for 2022 will work with our increasing desire to spend more of our time outdoors in bringing the outdoors inside. Indoor plants will feed our nurturing needs and bring comfort through their ability to freshen up any space. Faux flowers are becoming obsolete as we’ll have options that make any living space work for natural plants.

More and more people are moving towards the contemporary conservatory. The home growing plant trends will meet the newer generations and their focus on environmental awareness. Plant parenting is a relaxing hobby that will suit their principles, beliefs, and values. Manufacturers are ready for the trend with devices that allow life to flourish from the inside. Miniature greenhouses will increase in popularity, and aerial plants or other types of indoor hanging plants. Indoor trees like olive or lemon will become more common, and the condiment rack will have an area for live plants in small pots. We will also find the contemporary conservatory in the return of wallpapers with natural patterns, wicker furniture, or flowery designs on furniture fabrics. The purpose of plants goes beyond looking good and providing a comfortable environment. They have an impact on our subconscious, clean the air from the space they inhabit, and deter bugs or soothe our physical state through the smell they release in the room.

The texture of the natural world will also be present in the way material will feel under our fingertips. Whether it’s the soft touch of wool, cotton, knitted throws, or the rug, sensory stimulation will guide the customer’s choices, and our homes will mimic that. These textures give a sensory experience nature gives us, raw, dynamic, unpredictable, and unique. The cold sensation we get from touching metal, or the warmth of bamboo and nature’s most sustainable material, wood, will influence trends in kitchen essentials as well, as plastic is slowly being banned from our homes.


We can see how the latest home design trends in 2022 will increase their focus on sustainability. Our lifestyles will change how we consume everything, from energy through smart kitchen appliances to how we spend money through reusing, reinventing, and redesigning the things we own. Considering the world around us and how our way of life impacts the environment in which we live will shape our future and how we behave towards the resources around us. While individualism is on the rise in today’s society, our personal goals and aims aren’t a focus only for our benefit but the benefit of the planet. Our needs become one with the needs of our environment as we bring nature closer to us for the benefits it can give us.

Let us know in the comments below if this kind of idealism seems unattainable to you. Considering the trends that are taking over every aspect of the economy, could we see a brighter future for the next generations? Is that goal attainable or a pipe-dream? Like & Share this article with those around you that feel a sense of belonging when they see a flower or get a breath of fresh air.


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