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Last updated: January 20, 2017 • Real Estate Industry

Internships in Real Estate

Real estate is an ever-changing, dynamic industry. For many people looking to get into the real estate profession, it can be difficult to begin a career and become a successful realtor. Becoming a part of an internship program in real estate will better your chances of becoming a successful real estate agent.

As an intern, you will have the opportunity to work with major companies that will help you become successful. Internship placement websites like, Looksharp, and LinkedIn will help to find the best internship available for your qualifications. Once you are able to land an internship, you will be able to begin building a stronger resume. An internship in real estate will teach those interested in pursuing the real estate profession about:

Time Management: In the real estate industry, excellent time management is essential. Real estate agents typically have a work day that is filled with tasks that can include client meetings, showings, research, and even lead generation. This means that realtor’s need to run a tight schedule so that they can perform all of their required duties throughout the day.

Managing Clients: Building a strong clientele takes time. As an intern in the real estate industry, you will learn how to successfully generate leads and build a pipeline. During this time as a practicing real estate agent, you will be able to build relationships with clients for the future. From this point, using customer relationship management to nourish client relationships will become easier once you acquire that skill.

The Art of Closing a Deal: Real estate agents need to be skilled in sales to be successful. Obtaining an internship in the real estate industry will help to train you on successfully closing a deal. This training will be a great asset to your career because it will help you to become comfortable with making a sale to clients.

Understanding Contracts: Realtors are trusted professionals that are hired in order to aid their clients in the purchase or sale of a property. Your clients should have confidence in the fact that you can properly interpret contract information. As an intern working with a real estate company, you will be able to learn more about current laws and regulations within the real estate profession.

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