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Last updated: January 20, 2017 • Real Estate

Alternative Housing: The Fascinating Trend of Tiny Homes

With the “tiny house movement” sweeping the nation, many people are asking what exactly a tiny house is, and why they are suddenly so popular.

Why Tiny Homes?

With the costs of owning and maintaining a large house out of reach for many, a tiny house seems like the perfect alternative. They are easy and inexpensive to build, take up a tiny footprint, and can even be mobilized if desired.

Who Lives in Tiny Houses?

This real estate trend is often associated with people who want to live off-grid, but in reality, people from all walks of life may choose to live in a tiny home. Retirees are finding tiny homes to have immense appeal, and they have been turned to as a solution in several cities as comfortable, compassionate shelter for homeless populations.

How big is a Tiny Home?

While “tiny” can be a relative term, most tiny houses are between 65 and 400 square feet. May have a loft to expand living space; this is usually the bedroom.

What are the Benefits of Tiny Homes?

People who downsize into a tiny house say there are multiple benefits to the change, including:

  • Lower monthly expenses
  • Less time spent on cleaning and maintenance
  • Less worries over being able to make rent or mortgage payments
  • Lower environmental impact

Many say that living in a tiny home has psychological and emotional benefits, and that they are less stressed as a result. They enjoy their homes more, and have more time and money to do things outside of the home.

Advocates of tiny house living say the movement is about more than just downsizing and living in a smaller space. It’s also about creating and spreading freedom, decluttering and downsizing the other aspects of their lives, and enjoying the simplicity of believing that less is really more.

Tiny homes range from small houses built on trailers and designed to be pulled around from place to place, to homes built into a hillside or in the branches of a spreading tree. To see some of the most unique tiny homes ever built, visit this collection of images from around the globe.

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