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Last updated: May 15, 2021 • Real Estate Market

The Pros and Cons of City Living

Considering a move to a major city from a suburb or rural area? Before you make the move, make sure you understand the major benefits and disadvantages of urban living versus suburban and rural areas.

A significant benefit to living in the city is its convenience. City living allows its residents to live in the center of major retail stores and near jobs. This cuts down commuting time for travelers and allows them to save on transportation, especially if their destination is within walking distance of their home. City residents also have access to the most convenient forms of transportation. A quick bus ride, train ride, or ride on the metro rail will easily bring travelers to their destination. This transportation also tends to be cheaper than paying for a car in the city and paying for gas to travel.

City living also opens people up to larger professional and social networks in close proximity. Many trendy cities have numerous social and business meetup groups, networking events, and professional seminars on a regular basis. Some of the highest paying salaries, elite corporations, and largest concert and festival events happen within major cities, creating an allure to any outgoing socialite or professional.

City living also comes with traffic, space limitations, and an overall higher cost of living,  In large cities, the population is so high that there is always congestion on the roads. Because of this, many people choose alternative methods of traveling and opt to take a train or Metrorail to avoid traffic. There also tends to be less space because there is such a large population of city residents. In cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, there are millions of residents, all of which tend to be living in the city center. To accommodate a larger population, cities build upward and create high-rise style buildings. These cities also increase their cost per square foot since living space is in high demand.

The cost of living is higher in a city due to lack of space and dense populations. For families, living comfortably in the city can be expensive. A larger family means that there needs to be more living space. In cities like New York real estate, the average monthly rent for a decent one-bedroom apartment ranges from about $2,500 to $3,100. The cost of living in some cities is so high that it can become a burden on families. This often causes families to downsize in order to live within their means.

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