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Last updated: May 5, 2021 • Real Estate Market

Did You Know? You Can Get Paid to Live in Certain Locations!

There are a lot of factors to consider when planning a move to a new place. From job openings, school’s, future opportunities, pricing, and location, there’s a number of things to research before packing everything you own into boxes. It’s a big decision, but if you’re finding yourself jumping from location to location with no set plan in mind, it might be useful to think about a few off-the-wall cities.

In fact, some cities will pay you to live there, just to encourage the growth of the town and the local businesses. If you’re having a hard time choosing a place to live, here are a few places that come with extra perks.

  • It’s worth talking to a real estate agent in Detroit, MI , Detroit has seen some hard times, but the local government is using a unique strategy to breathe life back into Motor City.  They are offering beaten-up locations to those who plan on living there, as well as up to 150,000 dollars to assist in repairs. Several projects are also offering money to college graduates who live in certain areas. A great move if you’re willing to put your back into the effort.
  • The entire state of Alaska. A harsh place, but people who live in Alaska for at least 190 days a year get quite a handful of oil royalties at the end of each year. The average yearly rebate cashes in at about $1,200, but some residents have received up to $3,000.
  • Niagara Falls, New York. While it may seem silly that one of the biggest tourist hot-spots in the U.S is struggling to find tenants, it’s true. It’s been difficult to find year-long residents, and the city is offering up to 3,500 dollars in student reimbursement loans to college graduates who decide to live there year-round.
  • Cumberland and York counties, Maine. If you’re willing to open a business in specific towns, the government is willing to give back. By creating new jobs, you can receive benefits from a reimbursement program. A priceless opportunity for small business owners!
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee. This city is calling any and all tech wizards willing to live in the city, with the added bonuses of a reimbursement program called GeekMove. Computer developers willing to move to the city can receive financial assistance, on top of the gigabyte-per-second internet that comes with living there …find more about Top US Cities with the Best Internet Connections .

If any of these locations catch your eye, try digging a little deeper to find out more about the potential. If you’re worried about distance, many interstate moving companies are becoming more and more affordable, and many of these towns are happy to get new people in town.

Many of the listed cities are growing larger and more successful by the minute, so it’s best to get in early. Finding a real estate agent who is familiar with subsidized programs can help.

With a little bit of bravery, some elbow grease, and a strong spirit, you can make it just about anywhere, so why not pick a place that will pay you back?


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