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Last updated: March 14, 2024 • Real Estate Market

Moving Smart: 8 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Toms River

Have you always dreamed about dwelling in a unique place that blends coastal charms and suburban conveniences? Then, we found your ideal relocation destination in Toms River, New Jersey! Living in Toms River, NJ, comes effortlessly. No wonder the home of the “Beast from the East” (their world-renowned Little League Baseball team) is an appealing choice for many. Why don’t you join the numerous camps of those considering making Toms River their permanent home? This township is beyond imagination! Vibrant community? Check! Rich local history? Check! Scenic landscapes? You haven’t seen anything yet! 

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How is Living in Toms River, NJ?

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As one of the largest towns in New Jersey (population almost 93,000 in 2024), Toms River has evolved into a bustling center of activity. At the same time, it retained its close-knit community vibes. Before moving to Toms River, you must know that the full-fledged New Jersey municipality is committed to maintaining its natural beauty and fostering a family-friendly environment! Can Toms River become an attractive place for individuals and families alike?

The charms of Toms River go beyond its picturesque settings. The town’s main perks lie in its balanced cost of living, which is competitive within the state. You might already have a hunch about why Toms River is a compelling destination for prospective homebuyers and renters. The secret is affordability and security! Living in Toms River, NJ, encapsulates an experience that appeals to a diverse crowd. You can be drawn by its coastal lifestyle, excellent educational opportunities, or economic opportunities. Toms River will deliver big time!

Toms River, New Jersey, Benefits from a Strategic Location.

Toms River has a superb strategic location. First, the township of Toms River (one of New York City’s bedroom suburbs) is on the Jersey Shore within Ocean County. Commuting is smooth as its public transportation system is among our nation’s best! Therefore, it’s easy to picture how Toms River has struck an ideal balance between serene living and access to major metropolitan areas like The Big Apple and Philadelphia. Subsequently, you’ll be enjoying the best of both worlds. Still, we must highlight its unimaginable growth and development over the years to discuss living in Toms River, NJ. 

Climate and Weather Patterns in Toms River

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The climate in Toms River is characterized by its humid subtropical nature. It showcases warm, comfortable summers and mild to cool winters. This climate is crucial in defining the outdoor and recreational activities available to residents. Thus, living in Toms River, NJ, becomes particularly enjoyable for those who appreciate the blossoming of seasons. 

Seasonal changes in Toms River bring their unique charms. Summers offer excellent beach weather, and winters provide a mild, often snow-dusted landscape. This weather pattern guarantees that Toms River residents can enjoy various activities year-round. So, pack your lotion because you’ll sunbathe at Ortley Beach! Or, you can participate in countless winter festivities in the town’s parks!

In addition, the township sees an average rainfall that surpasses the national average. This abundant precipitation ensures the area remains lush and vibrant throughout the year. 

The best time to experience Toms River’s outdoor splendor is from late May through September! During this period, you’ll have the weather by your side unconditionally. Hence, you can explore Toms River’s natural beauty and partake in many community events.

What is the cost of living in Toms River, New Jersey?

The cost of living in Toms River, NJ, presents a mixed picture that combines affordability with quality living in a desirable coastal location. According to BestPlaces, the overall cost of living in Toms River is 111.9. In other words, it’s 11.9% higher than the US average but lower than the New Jersey average by approximately 6.6 percent. The score reflects a balance in the cost across various necessities, including housing, food, healthcare, and transportation. 

Property prices and rent in Toms River, NJ

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A significant detail to note is Toms River’s housing cost, with the median home sale price of $400,000. The average sale price is slightly costlier than the nationwide standard but less than the New Jersey average. The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment downtown is about $1,650 monthly. If you want to live outside the city center, you’ll have to pay $1,500, on average, for a one-bedroom unit. Remember, though! Your unconditional convenience should be the number one priority when renting a home!

Further detailed insights from PayScale reveal that Toms River’s cost of living is about 15% higher than the national average. Secondly, housing costs are 36% higher than the national average. Utility prices and transportation expenses are also above the national figures. All these numbers suggest a slightly higher cost burden in these categories for residents. We recommend you look into passive income strategies to boost your monthly budget!

Can You Live Comfortably in Toms River?

The suggested annual income to live comfortably in Toms River varies. On the one hand, a $70,560 annual income is recommended for a family of three. On the other hand, a $51,200 yearly revenue is essential for a single person. Subsequently, the township’s relatively moderate living costs won’t break the bank!

However, the area’s mind-bending attractions and exceptional quality of life balance these higher costs. The spirited lifestyle, access to beautiful beaches, the solid educational system, and the thriving community are only the most apparent advantages of living in Toms River. To sum it up, these figures underscore the town’s appeal to those seeking a coastal lifestyle with the amenities and comforts of suburban living.

Do you Have a Chance in Toms River’s Employment Landscape?

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The job market in Toms River is dynamic and diverse, mirroring the town’s economic vitality. Key industries provide many employment opportunities, including healthcare, education, retail, hospitality, etc. The town’s strategic location also facilitates easy access to job markets in nearby metropolitan areas. You’ll find local and city employment options at your fingertips! Access to local and commuter job opportunities undeniably boosts Toms River’s continued growth. Plus, it makes residents’ lives easier and more fulfilled.

The good news is that Toms River’s infrastructure supports smooth traffic flow. Well-planned roadways and multiple access points to major highways (like the Garden State Parkway) unburden the gridlock. This efficient roadway design minimizes congestion. So, daily commutes and travel within and outside Toms River are relatively stress-free even as the town grows. The strategic planning of Toms River’s road network reflects the township’s commitment to maintaining a high quality of life. 

Public transportation in Toms River boosts the city’s appeal. The transit system offers extensive bus and train services. These means of transportation connect our beloved township to key destinations, including New York City, Newark, and Atlantic City. This connectivity is especially beneficial for commuters and those looking to explore the broader region without needing a car. The availability of reliable public transportation options underscores the convenience of living in Toms River, NJ. This is how an expert local government can improve job accessibility and boost urban development!

Can Education in Toms River Hold a Candle to the US Average?

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The education system in Toms River stands as a testament to the community’s investment in future generations. The Toms River Regional Schools district is renowned for its commitment to excellence. It features a broad spectrum of educational institutions, from preschools to high schools. And its quality is on par with the best educational institutions nationwide!

This comprehensive educational system, however, not only boasts Toms River’s high graduation rate. Toms River Regional School District also offers various extracurricular activities catering to diverse interests. As a result, students will be outstandingly well-prepared for their futures. You’re correct in thinking local higher education institutions and continuing education programs further sweeten the town’s appeal! That’s how ample opportunities for lifelong learning and professional development are created masterfully!

Safety and Healthcare are Top-notch!

Toms River, NJ, boasts an admirable safety record when considering its crime rates compared to national and state levels. The town’s overall crime rate is 11 per 1,000 residents. Under such circumstances, it positions near the average for all cities and towns in the United States. This statistic indicates that the odds of becoming a criminal offense victim in Toms River is about 1 in 92. Toms River’s violent crime rate is relatively low, with 1 per 1,000 inhabitants. Thus, the township aligns with the national average. 

This rate implies that the chance of becoming a victim of violent crime in Toms River is one in 1,031. Therefore, you can see the area is safe regarding violent offenses. Furthermore, property crimes in Toms River occur at a rate of 10 per 1,000 residents (also on par with the American average.) Compared to other communities of matching population sizes, Toms River has become one of the safer places in America for its size.

Further reinforcing Toms River’s safety credentials, local reports highlight that the town’s crime rates are 42% lower than the national average. Plus, violent crimes are 84% lower than the US average. This results in a 1 in 68 probability of becoming a victim of any crime. If you look at these statistics, you’ll realize Toms River is safer than 71% of US cities. Such statistics reflect the effectiveness of local law enforcement and community initiatives. Moreover, they contribute to Toms River’s appeal as a residential choice for individuals and families seeking a safe and secure environment.

Recreation in Toms River: Parks, Beaches, and Outdoor Activities

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Its unique natural beauty is one of Toms River’s most cherished attributes. Don’t be surprised to find countless year-round outdoor activities and recreational opportunities! Start your journey by visiting the sandy shores of Ortley Beach! Then, recharge your batteries at the green expanses of Winding River Park! The township is a genuine haven for those in love with the outdoors. Does hiking, biking, fishing, or simply enjoying a day at the beach fascinate you? In that case, Toms River won’t let you down!

Culture and Art Thrive

Toms River delivers excellent fun and entertainment through cultural events, festivals, and performances that enrich the community. The delightful township showcases a rich cultural tapestry you must experience at once! Toms River’s energetic artistic and cultural scenes spectacularly celebrate its history and diversity! Check out the annual Toms River Fest! Go and see unique and thought-provoking local art exhibitions and theater productions! This thriving cultural scene offers residents a variety of ways to engage with their community and become artistic participants themselves.

Pros and Cons of Living in Toms River, NJ

Let us highlight the most fantastic perks of living in Toms River, NJ! We love its affordable cost of living, excellent educational opportunities, and rich recreational and cultural offerings! 

Still, consider its challenges if you’re contemplating moving here. For starters, traffic can increase during tourist season. Secondly, while the cost of living is relatively affordable, it is still slightly above the national average. 

However, the benefits of a safe, family-oriented community with a strong sense of belonging and diverse job prospects can easily outweigh these considerations.

Thoughts on Moving to Toms River, NJ

As we depicted, moving to Toms River, NJ, is a decision that offers multiple benefits! Residents, newcomers, families, and young professionals celebrate this extraordinary coastal township for its unique blend of seaside allure and community spirit. Also, regarding the most decisive factors, Toms River has remarkable ratings.

For instance, the cost of living in Toms River is reasonable. Secondly, its low-cost housing options suit different budgets and preferences. The town is recognized for its excellent educational opportunities, beating the average school in the US. We must add Toms River’s thriving community spirit, cultural life, job prospects, and safety! Ultimately, these advantages make relocating to Toms River a no-brainer! You can ask local real estate agents in Toms River NJ, for more information!

A vital element to consider when arranging your move to Toms River is the significance of choosing a reliable moving company. Moving can be a complex and stressful journey. Often, it’s burdened with tasks ranging from researching neighborhoods and understanding the local school system to arranging utilities. However, help is on the way!
Relocating to Toms River can be stress-free with the assistance of an experienced moving company. Toms Rivers Moving companies can handle the logistics of packing, transporting, and unpacking your belongings. Thus, you can focus on settling into your new home and community. This support is invaluable for ensuring a smooth transition to Toms River. Why don’t you start enjoying the benefits of living in such a welcoming and resource-rich town as soon as possible?


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