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Last updated: February 23, 2024 • Real Estate Market

Moving from Jessup, MD to Orlando, FL | 2024 Ultimate Guide

The decision to relocate can be a significant turning point in one’s life. It can herald the start of a new chapter filled with opportunities, adventures, and experiences. “Moving from Jessup to Orlando” represents a transformative journey for many, drawing individuals and families alike to Orlando, FL’s vibrant landscapes and thriving communities. 

This 2024 Ultimate Guide is designed to facilitate this transition. It will offer a comprehensive resource for those contemplating the move. Whether driven by career prospects, educational opportunities, or the allure of year-round sunshine, moving from Jessup to the astonishing Orlando promises excitement and challenge. Let’s set the stage for a fresh beginning in one of Florida’s most dynamic cities.

Understanding the intricacies of such a move is essential for a smooth transition. “Moving from Jessup to Orlando” involves changing scenery and adapting to a new cultural, economic, and social environment. Orlando’s reputation as a tourist haven, with its world-renowned theme parks and entertainment options, only scratches the city’s surface. Beyond its tourist attractions, Orlando boasts a robust job market and diverse neighborhoods. No wonder the quality of life here appeals to a wide demographic. 

Why Make the Move?

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Cost of Living 

Let’s compare the cost of living between Jessup, MD, and Orlando, FL, for 2024! The data suggests some interesting financial considerations for potential movers. Overall, Orlando is generally more affordable than Jessup, with significant differences in housing and health-related expenses influencing the overall cost of living. 

In particular, the median home cost in Orlando is 18% cheaper than in Jessup, which plays a significant role in the overall lower cost of living in Orlando. This affordability is reflected in the overall cost of living index, where Orlando scores lower, indicating it is less expensive than Jessup​​​​.

Further detailed comparisons highlight that Orlando’s housing costs are approximately 30.8% less expensive than those in Jessup. However, it’s worth noting that health-related expenses in Orlando are about 24.4% more than in Jessup. In other words, while general living and housing costs may be lower in Orlando, healthcare could represent a higher cost burden. Additionally, while food, groceries, and miscellaneous expenses show slight differences, they contribute to the overall affordability of Orlando compared to Jessup. When planning a move, the data underscores the importance of considering various living costs beyond just housing, including healthcare, transportation, and utilities​​.

Economic Opportunities

Orlando, FL, is witnessing a dynamic transformation in its economic landscape, significantly propelled by sectors beyond its globally recognized tourism and hospitality industries. The region is making strides in various fields, including technology, healthcare, and education. Thus, the Orlando metropolitan area (or Greater Orlando) has successfully diversified its economic base. Plus, it offers a plethora of opportunities for professionals and businesses alike. 

The hospitality sector, buoyed by the trend of “bleisure travel,” which combines business with leisure, is experiencing growth. Its popularity reflects an adaptability to the remote work culture that has become prevalent since the pandemic. However, this versatility is wider than the travel and accommodation sectors! It’s also evident in education and workforce development. Valencia College, for instance, is responding to the tight labor market by offering Accelerated Skills Training programs. These fantastic educational and skill acquisition programs prepare individuals for immediate employment in high-demand areas such as advanced manufacturing and healthcare within weeks​​.

Preparing for Your Move

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Timeline and Checklist

Planning your Orlando, FL, adventure requires careful consideration of where to stay, what to pack, and how to navigate the many theme park ticket options available. Universal Orlando offers a range of hotel options for accommodations, from premium to value. You should know that each offers unique perks such as Early Park Admission and complimentary Universal Express Pass Unlimited for guests of Premier Hotels. 

This pass is precious! It allows unlimited line skips on select attractions, which can significantly enhance your theme park experience. The choice between staying in Universal Hotels, non-Universal hotels, or vacationing in Airbnb depends on your preferences for proximity to the parks, budget, and desired amenities​​.

Finding the Right Moving Company

Finding the right moving company in Orlando, FL, involves considering various factors such as services offered, customer satisfaction, and pricing. According to HireAHelper, numerous highly-rated moving companies in Orlando have reliable services. Professional movers can assist you in loading and unloading your rental truck, container, or POD. Next, they will move furniture around your home based on your preferences. The rates for these services can vary, starting from around $60/hr for two movers with a 2-hour minimum, going up to about $150/hr depending on the company and the services required​​.

Understanding the Cost

Moving from Jessup, MD, to Orlando, FL, involves various costs and considerations. According to North American, the average price for a line haul move from the best places in Maryland to Florida is around $3,300. This estimate can vary widely depending on the exact distance of the move, the number of items being moved, and any special handling requirements or additional services like packing and unpacking. North American emphasizes the importance of planning your move well in advance and suggests that hiring a professional moving company can ease the stress and ensure a smooth transition​​.

MoveBuddha provides more detailed breakdowns of moving costs based on the size of your home and the type of moving service you choose. For example, moving a studio or one-bedroom apartment from Maryland to Orlando could cost between $1,074 to $4,024 if opting for professional movers. 

The cost increases with the size of the move; a two- to three-bedroom home could cost between $2,187 to $5,333, and a larger home could see costs ranging from $3,669 to $7,208. These ranges are rough estimates, and actual costs could be influenced by factors such as the time of year, whether you’re doing a DIY move versus hiring professionals, and the specific services you require​​.

Settling into Orlando

Orlando, Florida, stands out as a burgeoning hub beyond its renowned tourism and hospitality identity. This charming city hosts a diverse economic landscape of first-class healthcare, retail, and food services. The city’s workforce predominantly engages in health care, social assistance, retail trade, accommodation, and food services. We must highlight that notable differences in median earnings across industries exist.   

Men generally earn more in agriculture, manufacturing, and professional services. On the other hand, women find higher median earnings in public administration, manufacturing, and information sectors. This economic diversity showcases Orlando’s evolving job market, contributing to its appeal to newcomers seeking varied employment opportunities​​.

Orlando’s charm and growth trajectory significantly enhance its appeal, cementing its role in Florida’s dynamic migration landscape. Individuals are drawn to the financial perks of Florida’s no-income-tax policy and comparatively lower property taxes. This influx is transforming Orlando, not just demographically but also in terms of housing. As a result, Orlando has become a prime destination for new residents within Florida. 

Such expansive growth highlights the widespread allure of central Florida. It underlines a pivotal role for Orlando and its vicinity in steering the state’s future growth and prosperity. Local movers provide seamless and hassle-free relocation services for those considering a move within Orlando’s area. By all means, they ensure a smooth transition into your new home without any complications.

Tips for a Smooth Transition

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Making a long-distance move from Jessup, MD, to Orlando, FL, involves meticulous planning and preparation to ensure a smooth transition. To get started, it’s vital to thoroughly research and select the right neighborhood in Orlando that fits your lifestyle and needs. Orlando is home to various colorful neighborhoods, each with its unique character. Thus, you’ll find family-friendly communities like Lake Nona, Winter Garden, and Windermere. On the other hand, you can choose more urban areas such as Thornton Park and Downtown Orlando. 

Working with an experienced real estate agent can help you find a suitable home within your budget in the right neighborhood. Additionally, understanding and budgeting for the moving costs is crucial, including expenses for movers, rental trucks, packing supplies, and utility deposits. It’s also recommended to familiarize yourself with the city. Prepare for the local weather and plan for hurricane season! It can last from June to November​​.

For the logistics of your move, starting the planning process as soon as possible is critical. Making plans includes researching moving companies, creating a comprehensive inventory of your belongings, and packing strategically. It’s also essential to notify important contacts of your move. Prepare for the journey, stay organized with a moving binder, and secure valuables. Leveraging technology to keep track of tasks and set reminders can significantly ease the moving process. Moreover, don’t forget to plan for unpacking at your new home in Orlando, prioritizing essential items for immediate use​​.


Moving from Jessup to Orlando in 2024 is an exciting decision that promises a fresh start in a vibrant, dynamic city. We recommend you prepare adequately, embrace the new experiences, and stay organized! Thus, you can ensure a smooth transition to your new life in Orlando. Remember, this move is not just about changing locations! It’s about embracing new opportunities and building a fulfilling life in one of the most beautiful cities in Florida. Welcome to Orlando, where your new adventure begins!


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