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Living in Severna Park, MD

The beautiful state of Maryland was initially founded by George Calvert, a Catholic convert and named after Queen Mary, the wife of Charles I of England. Even though it is one of the smallest states in the USA, it’s diverse topography and climate makes it a dreamland to live in for many people. Therefore, it is one of the most densely populated thanks to the rapid population growth and it was the state with the highest household income in the USA back in 2015.

The economic prosperity of the area comes from the diversified economy that covers a lot of industries and market branches such as manufacturing, services, biotechnology, high education and many others. Also, it’s proximity to Washington D.C. has contributed to the growth of the state and these are not the only reasons why people want to live here.

All of the state’s cities have their own charm and one of the treasures held within Maryland’s boundaries has to be Severna Park, MD. The vibrant city of Severna Park is one of the best places to live in Maryland and there are a couple of reasons why people consider it a great place to live in. 

Beautiful shorelines combined with green areas and mighty cypresses give both residents and visitors an outstanding outdoor experience. The breathtaking landscape that experiences all the four seasons brings something new into the picture and it never ceases to amaze. It is a family-friendly place that families love and children adore, but it is also a desired destination for retirement as well. There are many great places to visit in Severna Park, MD since it has a rich history and culture.

With rapidly growing communities in the safe city of Severna Park, MD you have to ask yourself why is living in Severna Park, MD so great and why people come here. Here is a bit of insight into what it would be like to live in the awesome city of Severna Park, MD.

The weather in Severna Park MD

a girl in all four seasons and weather

One great thing about living in Severna Park, MD is the weather or the overall climate you are expected to experience here. The area experiences hot, humid summers as well as cold winters especially during night times. You might wonder why that is great since most people would dream about hot sunny days year-round. Well, most of its residents love the climate especially since temperatures in the winter rarely drop below 25 degrees fahrenheit. 

Also, people living in Severna Park experience an average of 14 inches of snow per year, which is great if you want to experience the magic of the Christmas season at it’s best. What would Christmas be without the cortina of snow covering the land in its brightness. Don’t worry if you’re not a cold temperature kind of person because the climate diversity in Severna Park, MD can perfectly suit all tastes.

If you love the hot sunny days and the warm breeze cooling down your skin on the beachside then Severna Park is the right place for you. Summers are hot and humid with temperatures reaching a comfortable average of 85 degrees fahrenheit in July. You will have an amazing time by the water in some of the best waterfront communities in Severna Park, MD. Water activities and sports of all kinds are part of the locals’ daily routine and who would not want to take part in all the fun?

Living in Severna Park, MD people can experience an average of 44 inches of rain per year and about 211 sunny days per year. The most pleasant months in Severna Park, MD are May, June and September while the least comfortable months are January and February. The comfort index for Severna Park is 8 out of 10 with ten being the best and one the worst. Therefore, you are sure to have a comfortable living in the city of Severna Park, MD thanks to the great weather.

Schools in Severna Park MD

happy smiling kid going to school

We all want a great education, either for ourselves or for our children and having access to a high quality educational system is a must in every good city. Since we are not talking about any city, we are talking about one of the best cities to live in Maryland, public schools really stand out when it comes to Severna Park, MD.

There are a variety of measurements when it comes to rating some of the best schools in one area, but some schools in Severna Park, MD exceed expectations. Here we can mention some of the highly rated elementary schools such as Benfield Elementary School and Folger McKinsey Elementary School as well as top middle schools such as Severna Park Middle School. Also, one of the highly rated high schools in Severna Park is Severna Park High School and Broadneck High School.

Just so you get an idea of the educational standards held by some of these schools, statistics show that Severna Park, MD public schools have an average math proficiency score of about 74% while the average score for Maryland public schools is only 41%. Reading proficiency for Severna Park, MD public schools is about 70% while the average reading proficiency for Maryland public schools is only 41%.

Severna Park High School has a 96% math proficiency score and it is the school with the highest math proficiency score in the state. This places the public schools of Severna Park, MD amongst the top 5% best schools in Maryland. 

Lacrosse in Severna Park, MD

womens lacrosse stick

Maybe you’re not a sports fan and you’re not interested in sports teams or competitions. Maybe you are into sports and you love to spend your Sundays out with friends at the best local pub, sipping on some of your favorite beverages and watching your favorite football team in a playoff. Being in the stands is even better if the game is held somewhere close to you.

The residents of Severna Park, MD do the same thing, but they are cheering for some of their favorite Lacrosse teams. Don’t worry if you’re not into sports or if you’ve never seen a game of Lacrosse before. The enthusiasm and the “incendiary” atmosphere created at some of their games are going to quickly spark your interest in the game.

The game of Lacrosse is probably the oldest organized sport in North America and it is played with a lacrosse stick and a lacrosse ball. While there are about four versions of lacrosse that have different sticks, rules, fields and equipment the principle remains the same. Each team has to pass the ball and score by landing the ball into the opposite team’s net. The sport resembles the field hockey game only it is played differently since the ball is most of the time in the air.

Why is the sport so famous in Severna Park, MD or in Maryland for instance? For one, Maryland has very strong lacrosse teams, especially in the women’s division. The Maryland program has won 15 national championships which is the most in any women’s lacrosse program making them the best in the game. Secondly, scholarships can be obtained by some of the best college coaches and teams .

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Homes for sale Severna Park, MD

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It is no doubt that in Severna Park, MD you will find many places to visit and things to do, and you will have a great time for sure. However, living in Severna Park, MD is not cheap and it is not transportation, healthcare or groceries that make it expensive, it’s the housing.

Housing is on the more costly side of things if you are wondering what is the average home price in Severna Park, MD? The median home price is around $530,000 which makes it almost three times more expensive compared to the national average. As you can see, the good quality of living that residents experience in Severna Park comes at a high price when you are looking for a home.

On a quick search, homes for sale in Severna Park, range from $350,000 to over $1M. About 50% of homes for sale in Severna Park, MD were in the price range of $500,000 to $1M, only 19% were over the $1M price point and the rest were under $500,000. Prices for homes are quite high but people argue that the high median household income compensates in that regard. Make sure you contact one of our top real estate agents in Severna Park MD to find the best home for you.


The city of Severna Park, MD is what Maryland is all about. Friendly people living in some of the most beautiful communities that offer a variety of attractions and amenities to suit all needs for all people. Everyone is welcome in Severna Park, MD, from children to seniors, all of them will live their best lives here in Maryland. The vibrant communities and the waterfront area add a unique feel and the city of Severna Park, MD, is a hidden treasure that waits to be discovered.

Have you ever been to Severna Park, MD? Share with us your experience living or visiting the area and let us know what you think in the comment section.


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