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Last updated: May 21, 2021 • Home Improvement

Marketing a Fixer-Upper Property

Selling a fixer-upper property can be a challenge for real estate agents. Oftentimes buyers look for a finished, modern home with updated appliances throughout. Selling a fixer-upper requires a unique marketing approach.

In marketing a fixer-upper, it is crucial to create perceived value in the property. To start, establish a realistic listing price that will be competitive on the market. Consider the value of the home without necessary renovations, then subtract from there to get to a price point that deducts the price of the work needed.

Once you’ve established the listing price, be descriptive in your listing with content that shows the bargain value of the house. This can come in terms of market price per square foot, size of the property, and location of the home.
If the home for sale is in need of repair, leverage external factors as selling points. Consider the size of the yard and the quality of the space. A well-kept lawn can make the house seem more appealing and inviting upon arrival with prospective home buyers.

Location can play a significant factor into the demand and perceived value of your fixer-upper. A reputable neighborhood can make a bargain-priced fixer-upper highly desirable to those who otherwise could not afford to live there. Consider the property’s neighborhood safety scores, proximity to transportation, and school ratings when marketing your fixer-upper.

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