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When is the Right Time to Sell?

Significant life changes can have a vital influencing factor in the decision to move. Living needs can drastically change as we move through life’s stages. Let’s embark on this journey and imagine a few scenarios of when it’s an excellent time to sell, starting from these life-changing experiences: family, career, financial events, and unfortunately, even divorce.

New Additions to the Family

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Starting a family will rearrange everyone’s set of priorities, for sure. Career, professional ambitions, and prospects must take a step back to give way to providing decent living conditions for your spouse and offspring. Where is the ideal environment to raise a family? Although the question sounds a cliche, it turns into a burningly topical issue once you start thinking about it. Therefore, a century-old dilemma emerges: is a metropolitan area a better choice than a smaller town with a rustic environment? 

Luckily, throughout the United States, there are many small towns to raise a family that will offer the same amenities, a more than adequate schooling system, and cultural venues every family longs for. 

Explore great family-friendly US cities!

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On the other hand, not all great cities are toxic to the concept of parenthood. Quintessentially, every major metropolis features some neighborhoods embracing the sanctity of parenting with low crime rates and exceptional schools. Still, Orlando, Atlanta, San Diego, etc., are amongst the most family-friendly cities, exceptions from the rule, with the best pro-family possibilities on average.

Pondering on your past bachelor’s lifestyle and the homely condo is futile once the stork has visited you and left a baby. The small city studio that you loved so much when you were the sole inhabitant might not be your ideal living situation for raising a family now. When starting a family, evaluate whether your home, as well as the neighborhood and school system, are the best fit for your family. It may be time to upgrade to a larger space. However, there are also drawbacks to owning a large house because living in a big home can hurt family ties.

Be there for your child!

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Children can live the experience of relocation as a minor trauma. As a result of changing residence, they will be forced to leave their usual territory, community, and comfort zone altogether behind. Subsequently, they will have to face new challenges and the expectation to accommodate unique circumstances. Observing signs of discomfort in their behavior is essential, and so is helping your kid adjust to a new school and environment! 

Educating children is a parent’s most crucial obligation. To safeguard the principle of providing the best schooling for your children, you should be extra prudent! Consider the advantages and disadvantages of various forms of education, such as public, private schools and homeschooling!


At first sight, many consider divorces as an unfortunate event. However, there is a silver lining to separation as well. Once the psychological pressure subsides, one can start planning. Why not think of a breakup as the dawn of something better? And, in case of an emergency, people need suitable housing options. There is a direct relationship between divorce and real estate. Realtors can provide the divorced couple with valuable tips on going ahead regarding the house division and future housing prospects.

Think of the elderly’s comfort!

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Selling a home and moving into a more spacious one can pose several questions. Besides the factors mentioned above, you might also want to explore the prospect of your parents moving back at home with you post-retirement. Though often retirement is regarded as a fresh start in the most positive sense of the word, rarely it bumps into financial or health-imposed obstacles. 

Moving aging parents into your home can present complex problems as well as unexpected intimacy (issues). Parents living with their adult children have grown more prevalent in the last 20 years. If you entertain the possibility of your elderly folks relocating into your home, you will most definitely want to sell your current property and find a larger space! Our realtors will assist you in choosing the right property to meet every need!

Empty Nesters

Once the kids have moved out, choosing to sell a home can be challenging for many, as households have many cherished family memories and symbolize comfort for their kids. Therefore, empty nesters face a specific predicament. Financially, the advantages of moving out of an old house overshadow the disadvantages. The pros to selling can include a reduced mortgage payment on a smaller house and a chance to start fresh and explore different hobbies in your newest life stage.

Creating better life conditions for a relative with disabilities

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Suppose a disability has left you unable to navigate easily around your house or to walk upstairs. Then, it is high time to consider moving to a place with your comfort and accessibility needs to be met. For example, if your family member suffers from poor sight, you can improve a visually impaired person’s life in a new home!

Providing for a child with a disability is paramount. They need special care and attention, especially in the earliest, and most fragile stage in their lives. There is no need to get anxious because you can find exceptional schools that offer special needs classes. Little Keswick School, May Center Schools, and T.C. Harris School are but a few of the best examples of top special needs schools.

A New Career

Once in a blue moon, you can reconcile a family with your professional aspirations. New careers can frequently lead to the decision to move. Consider your travel time to your job location, and if a move might lead to a shorter commute and less daily stress. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way. We bet our skilled real estate agents can find you an affordable & comfortable solution to bridge the distance between your new workplace with a brand new home with your name written all over it!

When You are Financially Secure

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Make sure that you are out of the red & in a financially stable place before deciding to move. Previous to doing something rushed and or foolish, create a financial plan to sell your home! We give you a fair warning; moving can entail numerous unforeseen costs! The cost of movers alone can be a big expense, depending on the amount carried and distance. 

Additionally, depending on your reasons for the move and location, you may need to search for a new job. We recommend setting up a three to six-month emergency fund for unforeseen house damages or legal setbacks in the moving process. Unexpected damages could be as minimal as needing new paint and caulk or as severe as new windows, roof, flooring, and foundation work. Hire a certified real estate inspector to view your prospective home, as they may be able to shed light on several potential hidden repairs.


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2020 brought the new and most feared players to the game. The global pandemic wreaked havoc, directly contributing to such lesser-known measures as lockdowns. It’s pretty thought-provoking how people and, subsequently, the real estate market responded to these events. Humanity had to learn to reshape life during the COVID-19 pandemic

The metropolitan population suffered from the consequences of isolation, and they started to look for Covid-friendly zones & homes. More fresh air and free space became a prerequisite, two things they found in smaller town real estate. As a result, people opted to sell their city homes or give up their rent; a virtual migration commenced from the urban environment into a more rural setting. The real estate business in several suburbs and idyllic towns revealed a newly-found interest in their homes listed; thus, they soon became a hot seller’s market. A fresh “artform” occurred: how to sell a house during a pandemic. Under such circumstances, selling your property became a piece of cake!


As you can see, various circumstances influence one’s decision to sell their property. Each has a particular scenario but, fundamentally, does not affect the proper house selling procedure. In each case, the heart of the matter is obtaining the best possible outcome, meaning the highest income to help you fulfill your future housing requirements. 

We would vigorously recommend you get in touch with a professional realtor, on the one hand, before selling your actual house, and, secondly, when you have decided to buy a new property! We know how difficult the real estate process can get with home inspections, legal documents, mortgages, and home insurance policies. Most primarily, you will need a hand in choosing a new property for the future.

Is there another extraordinary antecedent that triggered you to sell your house? Please share it with us in the comment section! Furthermore, if you find this article practical, give it a big like and share it with your friends on your social media! And, don’t forget to come back for more reading revealing valuable tips in the domain of real estate and lifestyle!


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