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Last updated: May 4, 2021 • Holidays

May the 4th, Star Wars day: a Real Estate Tribute

Whether you are a boy or a girl, millennial or baby boomer; everyone loves Star Wars. It’s one of the most beloved pop culture phenomena of the last centuries and, because of that, making a word-play with the Jedi motto that says “ May the force be with you”, fans all over the world decided that May, the 4th (got it?) should become the international Star Wars Day. The universe created by filmmaker legend George Lucas is so important, that Star Wars Day became a sort of Nerd/Geek holiday together with 3/14 (Pi day) and 5/25 (Towel day, in celebration of Douglas Adam’s “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”).

So, in honor of Star Wars Day, May the 4th, we’ve decided to mix it with what we love, and make a real estate tribute looking at some of the real estate options available a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Vacation Homes

A vacation house on Tattooine from Star Wars

Aside from the heat, when you think of deserts you think of stillness, right? Well, Tattooine defies this notion. What an active place! It’s like as if Phoenix went to dinner with New Orleans during the worst violence period in New York’s history.

Yes, violence is a situation here. But hey, it is in the entire Star Wars universe. Looking at the bright side of it, Tattooine is a great place to live if you enjoy a lot of diversity and entertainment options, like pod-racing – where you can bet money and make some profit off of it – and going out to cantinas to hear bands playing – just watch out for the constant fighting; in case you feel in danger, remember to shoot first!

So, for us, we would say that Tatooine is a great place to build vacation homes where you can go from time to time and Airbnb-it when you’re not there, instead of establishing as your primary residence. It’s not an ideal place to raise children – although two of the most important people in this universe were raised there: Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker. Tattoine is that sort of place where staying for a week is perfect, a month is good, but a year is probably dreadful. So, build a pool to enjoy those two suns and two moons of Tatooine and add value to your property. And, most importantly, considering the low life scruffy-looking nerf herder type of people that visit the planet, invest heavily on the most reliable home security system available so you can protect you and your family (and your vacation home guests, of course).

Single Family Home

Single Family home in Dagobah

Speaking of families, Dagobah is an excellent option if you’re looking to build a single family home as a sweet retreat where no one will find you (unless a Jedi’s ghost gives you the directions).

Filled with swamps and forests, Dagobah is like the Idaho lake-life met the deep forests of the Brazilian Rainforest and the London Fog. But, although it is a super secluded place, it has great education options available. We could say this is one of the best school districts in the galaxy, as it is home to one of the most renowned professors ever: Jedi Master Yoda. Luke Skywalker is the most notorious Dagobah alumni.

We can’t say it’s not a violent place. You won’t find thieves and assassins, but there are still dangerous creatures out there. So take a look at your intergalactic homeowner’s insurance policy to see if your single family home is insured against dragonsnakes, butcherbugs and swamp slugs.

Mobile Homes

The Millennium Falcon as a mobile home from star wars

Like we said, this is a dangerous galaxy. Maybe the best place to live is on the road, or, in this case, the space. Mobile homes can be a good option for you.

Especially if you’re young, with not a lot of money to invest in buying a home on the ground, mobile homes like the Millenium Falcon can be a nice opportunity for you. Its name is no coincidence: millennium, millennial…

The only problem with acquiring a Falcon as your mobile home is that it’s like making a bid on a foreclosure to make a house flip. You can hit the jackpot and get a mint condition mobile home, or you can get a trashed one and drown on the maintenance costs. But it’s a legendary sturdy old spacious ship that, when decently oiled and maintained, can take you sightseeing this fantastic galaxy with a lot of comfort and safety.

Luxury Home

The Death Star as a luxury home in Star Wars

The Death Star is the most recognizable example of a luxury home in the Star Wars galaxy. All the luxury home signs are there: lots of black perfectly polished floors all over, sizeable bulletproof glass windows for you to admire all the poor people burning and a high tech infrastructure filled with motion sensor doors, housekeeping services by maintenance droids and other super-secure state-of-the-art equipment (with the exception of that one tiny home security system project error no one will ever discover…or so they thought).

However, there’s a price to live here. And it’s not cheap – and we’re not talking about money. Sure, it’s great to live in this nifty all black luxury home, but do you want to be associated with a guy that’s killing the republic and choking all the residents who voice their contrary beliefs?

Smart Home Devices

C3PO and R2D2 smart home devices from star wars

Now, independently on whether you choose luxury homes, vacation homes, single family homes or even if you will live on the road with mobile homes, you’ll need to get one of those droids for your real estate. If in our universe, smart home devices are still living their infant age, in the star wars reality, smart home devices are a must! They can literally save your life.

Sure, you can use your droid just to fix stuff, cook you dinner and dim the lights, just like we do here on earth, but in the star wars realm, they can send long-distance message to people if your vacation home has no internet (by going to its recipient; it’s not cost-effective, but you get the message sent), they can serve as the GPS to your mobile home, they can even fight the bad guys. Plus, if you don’t adapt well to the droid, here’s a good Star Wars Day tip: Unkar Putt’s Concession Stand will gladly trade your droids for a whopping 60 food portions! So, don’t fear it. Use the force and embrace it. Droids are the space dogs; a man’s best friends.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 
Star Wars Day real estate tribute. And May the 4th be with you!


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