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Last updated: May 15, 2021 • Lifestyle

Most Affordable Places to Live

As a potential home buyer, you may be searching for a new location to live in based on its affordability. If affordability is a top factor in your home search, check out our list of the five of the most affordable places to live:

Immokalee, Florida: Located in southwest Florida, Immokalee in Collier County makes the list for its affordable cost of living. Immokalee is known as a rural city and is also a well-known farming location. The city of Immokalee’s cost of housing is less  than half that of the national average. The average home price is in the $70,000 range in Immokalee, while the national average is about $180,000. On average, utility prices in the city are also lower than the national average.

Round Rock, Texas: Located near Austin, Texas, the city is a smaller city but provides affordability within its communities and Round Rock, TX real estate agents will be eager to help you . Round Rock is one of the fastest growing cities in America yet its cost of living is about 5% lower than that of the national average. Real estate in this area offers larger home space but home buyers get more for their money. The city is the perfect location for buyers looking to move to a quiet family town.

Rochester, New York: Located in upstate New York, Rochester is one of the most affordable places to live. The city sits at the coast of Lake Ontario, the city is a popular town for families looking to settle down. Rochester is a practical place to live since the city has a relatively low cost of living. The cost of housing in Rochester, New York is far less than the national average. Real estate in the city offers up many single-family homes perfect for families of any size.

Chattanooga, Tennessee: As a city located along the Tennessee River, is well known for its beauty and affordability. Chattanooga’s overall cost of living is much lower than that of the national average. Real estate agents in Chattanooga, Tennessee  and its location also make it ideal for family living. The city is well known for its outdoor activities since it is also located near the Appalachian Mountains. The free nature activities in Chattanooga are guaranteed to save money on leisurely activities.

Kansas City, Missouri: Kansas City is definitely one of the most unique towns, not only for its affordability, but its location. The city spans two states: Kansas and Missouri. Kansas City has a thriving city center along with stellar real estate prices. Housing costs in Kansas City are about 22% lower than the national average. Kansas City real estate is perfect for home buyers that are prioritizing affordability for the next move.

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