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Orlando, Florida is a city of about 300,000 people located in the heart of Florida. Part of the Orlando metropolitan area the city of Orlando is one of the most important cities in the metropolis. Thanks to the high influx of tourists drawn to the city, the area enjoys a prosperous economy because of its touristic potential.

Internationally renowned attractions such as Walt Disney and Universal Studios theme parks are within the cities borders. These entertainment parks are attracting many tourists every year to Orlando, but they are of high importance for locals as well since they provide job opportunities. This might be a great way to spend a weekend in Orlando with your kids and to make the most of your spare time.

Orlando for many years has been fascinating for many tourists and some even considered relocating here. Who would not want to live in a city that enjoys about 233 days of sunshine per year? If you decide to move here, consider contacting one of our realtors in Orlando FL, for some exceptional home deals. Our agents can also assist you through the process of selling a home in Orlando, Florida if you are a homeowner and want to sell.

When deciding on a new place to move, as appealing as it might be, safety is the number one priority. Because safety comes first, we want to live in cities that offer a safe environment forus and our families. Although crimes are an issue in every city, sometimes our safety is not threatened by mankind. Sometimes nature poses a greater threat than anything else.


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Is the state of Florida a Hurricane-Prone area?

The state of Florida is known for having a tropical climate which means that here you get many days of sunshine with hot summers and mild winters. This is perfect for beach-going since Florida is known for its coastline destinations. The downside to it is the fact that the unstable climate found near the ocean can generate hurricanes and tornadoes.

The state of Florida is the most Hurricane-Prone area in the country, and across the years it has seen more than 37 major hurricanes. Followed by the state of Texas in second place with half the amount of hurricanes hitting this state.

What is the most hurricane-free city in Florida?

On the list of top 10 cities in Florida that get the least amount of hurricanes, Orlando holds the eighth spot right next to Sanford and Kissimmee. Being the largest city on the list in terms of population, it has some of the lowest scores of hurricanes, tropical storms and floods combined making it a great place to live. Also, the time of year with a slight risk of storms in Orlando is between the months of June and November.

Is the city of Orlando one of the safest cities in a hurricane?

In case a hurricane strikes, most of the time a well planned and designed infrastructure can pose minimal threat to the city or its residents. As far as things go for the city of Orlando, Florida, it was rated as the second safest city of Florida during a hurricane, right next to Leesburg that holds the first place. This shows that Orlando is one of the most hurricane-safe cities and the chances of it occurring are very low.


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