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Last updated: January 16, 2017 • Home Inspection, Home Selling Tips, Related Industry

Selecting a Home Inspector

When buying, selling, or simply maintaining a home or business, a home inspector can provide insight and information that saves property owners time, money, and potential headaches. Certified home inspectors are generally qualified to determine the condition of a property’s structural integrity, it’s sale and rebuild value,  and the likelihood for future damages due to improper construction, natural disaster, or deterioration over time. They’re also available to perform testing to detect the presence of mold, radon, and other harmful household toxins. Beware, however, because selecting a trustworthy and qualified home inspector makes all the difference, a truth that many homeowners discover the hard way.

Licensed and Certified

Ensure that the home inspector performing the inspection is licensed and certified by the state where their services are being offered. Certain states, like California, do not require special licensing or certification for home inspection, leaving the field open to undereducated and downright dishonest inspectors. While a license or certification doesn’t guarantee professional and accurate inspection, it is an indication of the minimum acceptable level of education required to perform the services of a home inspector. Finding a licensed and certified home inspector is possible through the American Society of Home Inspectors, The National Association of Home Inspectors, or by simply asking your real estate agent.

Experience Is Essential

Not only does a lengthy business history offer credibility to upstanding home inspectors, it signifies a level of operational knowledge that is only obtained through hands-on experience. Spending several years inspecting homes in the same area can allow an inspector to cultivate a wealth of locally specific insight. This foresight can offer unique perspectives, and allow your inspector to find regionally common flaws or risks that the new guy may not notice. Asking around town should help with locating a trustworthy home inspection company that knows the ropes in your region.

Continued Education is Key

Hiring a licensed and certified home inspector with a decade or more of experience in your town will certainly increase the chances of an accurate and helpful inspection report, but the true test of an inspector’s worth is their commitment to keeping up with industry standards and new property risk evaluation information. For real estate agents, home inspectors are the go-to experts that make or break sales. Employ them to give home buyers the confidence they need to sign on the dotted line!

Partnership Makes Perfect

When you’re buying or selling your property, you can rely on your real estate agent to provide a recommendation for reliable home inspection services in your area. If you don’t have a real estate agent on your side yet, try searching for one using the database at, an enormous online network where real estate agents, buyers, and sellers can communicate, learn and develop lasting professional connections. Check out the benefits of membership, and find an real estate agent who can recommend a home inspector for your next property evaluation.


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