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Last updated: May 15, 2021 • Real Estate Market

Sitel Continues to Bring Prosperity to Pompano Beach; Real Estate Agents Rejoice

Sitel, a global leader in the customer care provider space, made a splash last year when they announced the opening of a new customer service center in Pompano Beach. Real estate agents took this as good news; with a thousand new jobs being added to the area, the possibility of a bump in home sales in the area just north of Ft. Lauderdale was high.

The trend is one that Floridians can expect to continue; Sitel has boosted the local economy in various areas across the state, with a recent 700 hire expansion in Lake City and another 300 jobs opening up in Ocala.

City of Pompano Beach Mayor Lamar Fisher commented, “We are very pleased Sitel has chosen to locate its customer experience center in the City of Pompano Beach and appreciate the economic boost and jobs it will create for our citizens.”

Nine months later, the area is certainly still prospering. Pompano Beach real estate agents have their hands full, as the area is known as one of the top real estate markets.


Pompano Beach was originally the southernmost point of the Henry Flagler railway system. Two railway employees, George Butler and Frank Sheene, arrived with their families on February 22, 1986.  Frank Sheene reputedly named the town after the fish he was eating for dinner (the pompano)

The development of the railway system led to further development west of the Atlantic coast, increasing the value of Pompano Beach real estate. Agents today benefit from the 25 square miles the community encompasses, with its stretch of Atlantic beachfront.

The Boom

Pompano Beach was originally part of Palm Beach County. In 1908, it became part of the newly established Dade County, and in 1915 Broward County was established, making Pompano Beach the only town to be part of 3 different counties in less than a ten year time span.

Pompano Beach real estate experienced tremendous growth during the boom of the 1920’s. In 1947, the City of Pompano merged with a new municipality and became the City of Pompano Beach.


Real estate agents have no trouble selling property in Pompano Beach.  The area is well known for portraying the Florida lifestyle, and is popular for vacation homes, winter residences, and beachfront getaways. The northern boundary is the Hillsboro inlet, which is marked by the famous Hillsboro lighthouse.

Visitors and residents can enjoy fishing, boating, and scuba diving. Golfers will find the local golf courses challenging, and foodies will enjoy the beach cafes and restaurants that line the pier.

While Sitel is one of the largest healthcare companies with interests in the area north of Ft. Lauderdale, it’s by no means the only one. Aetna RX Home delivery also has offices there, and employs nearly 500 people in and around Pompano beach. Real estate agents find buyers for most properties with ease, whether homes or condos.


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