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Last updated: May 15, 2021 • Home Improvement

Sprucing Up Your Patio For Spring

With winter rapidly approaching its last gusty blast, it’s time to start thinking about spending more time outside. Your outdoor patio can be a wonderful place to spend time getting your Vitamin D, but it may need some sprucing up before it’s fit for habitation.

Start at the Bottom

Your patio surface should be cleaned and sealed before spring arrives. Concrete can be cleaned with a power washer and sealed with an approved sealant. Wooden decks can be scrubbed clean, re-stained if needed, and sealed with a waterproofing compound. Paving stones can be scrubbed, rinsed, and any spaces in between filled with crushed stone.


Benches, chairs, and swings can be cleaned off, and new cushions or cushion covers acquired if needed. Metal patio furniture should be cleaned and rustproofed, and glass tabletops scrubbed and shined. Wicker furniture can be scrubbed with a stiff brush and painted if necessary.


A big umbrella as part of a patio set will provide decent shade for part of the day – an angled one can be swiveled as the sun moves to provide consistent protection. Alternately, consider building a framework that can be covered with a striped awning, or setting up a mosquito and sun proof gazebo stand.


Add a chiminea or fire pot for cool spring and fall evenings. A charcoal or gas grill allows meals to be cooked and enjoyed outside. An outdoor TV lift that recesses into a weatherproof cabinet permits the game to be watched in comfort, or kids can enjoy a movie on hot summer nights. Add a hammock for a tropical feel.


Plants can make your patio feel cozy and natural. Look for plants that don’t shed leaves profusely, to avoid constant cleanup. If there’s anyone in the family or close friends circle with a bee-sting allergy, stay away from flowering plants that might attract stinging insects.

Having your patio spruced up for spring helps ensure that you and your family spends more time in the great out of doors. It will also make entertaining that much easier by doubling your seating and providing a pleasant space to enjoy the seasonal weather! Having an inviting space, can help the real estate agent when you sell your home.


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