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Last updated: May 15, 2021 • Home Improvement

Homesellers: Simple Steps to Improve Curb Appeal

The process of selling a home has a multitude of steps that any home seller needs to go through and most of the time it can be a long and stressful one. It happens frequently that home sellers put too much emphasis on getting the paperwork done in an effort to list their house for sale as soon as possible, but ignore the fact that certain aspects such as homes with a curb appeal sell quicker and at higher prices. 

What would be the point of putting your home up for sale if no one is going to buy it? You might wonder why that is? There is a simple answer to that. When buying just about anything we know that our decisions can be driven by our emotions or by impulse. That’s why a house that gives home buyers a pleasant experience during a showing would rather sell quicker than one that doesn’t. That’s why most of what home buyers are looking for in 2020 has more to do with the curb appeal of your home rather than anything else.

Let’s be honest, you could’ve paid a lot less for your car, clothes, accessories or your home. But seeing yourself dressed a certain way or behind the wheel of a specific car would make you feel a lot better even if you end up paying more. The same goes for homes, and you know what they say? The first impression is the most important, so make a good first impression by improving the curb appeal of your home with these three simple steps.

Does curb appeal add value?

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Firstly we have to ask ourselves if it is actually worth it. Does curb appeal actually increase the value of a home? Is it going to sell faster compared to other houses that didn’t put any effort into making their homes more appealing? What is curb appeal after all?

Curb appeal is nothing more than making your home look more aesthetically attractive to potential buyers when they first show up for a showing or at an open house. A recent study done by Michigan State University shows that homes that had some effort put into curb appeal and landscaping see an increase in the perceived value by about 5 to 11 percent.

Since improving the curb appeal of your home adds more value to it and brings in more potential buyers it is important to focus on it in order to obtain better deals and faster sales. 

Here are some of the best curb appeal ideas that you can implement right away.

Backyard Improvements

impressive backyard landscape

One of the simplest ways you can improve the curb appeal of your house is by taking care of your backyard. What are the best improvements you can make to your backyard? Are there hills that make the lawn unsightly or is the land uneven? Leveling a yard not only improves its looks but provides better drainage away from your home’s foundation.

Is the grass sparse, or made up of different varieties? Decide if you need to re-sod, or to seed empty or brown spots. If not, mow the grass several times, with 4-5 days in between, gradually lowering the blade. Water on the days off to encourage new growth.

Edge and weed-whack carefully around the trees, decks, walkways, and flower beds. If it’s fall, rake pine needles and leaves and use them as natural, attractive mulch. Trim hedges, prune trees, and weed flower beds. You may want to plant some new flowers or shrubs to fill in empty looking spots and add color. With a couple of backyard essentials for your home, you could spruce it up in no time.

If you want to get a little fancier and put some money into it add some decorative elements such as a fountain, add some outdoor lights or build a fire pit. All these ideas and many more can be considered excellent backyard improvements that will spruce up the look of your home and overall improve the curb appeal of it.

Roof upgrades

work hand installing bitumen

Probably one of the more expensive upgrades for your house is a roof upgrade. Usually, after about 20 to 50 years, roofs need to be replaced or significantly repaired. Don’t assume that buyers won’t notice missing shingles or watermarks if they show up for a home tour.

You might not be able to afford to replace the roof but fixing small issues are not that costly and it makes a huge difference to the overall curb appeal of your home. However, if you have a little extra cash you can have a professional inspect the roof and if it needs to be replaced you should replace it. It might cost you but according to a study done by the Realtor Magazine, a roof replacement can yield a return on your investment as high as 105%.

Check your roof and have it repaired or replaced if needed. Fix any damaged or rotting, and repair, replace, or repaint gutters after cleaning. You can easily improve the curb appeal of your home just by cleaning off all the dirt, moss, algae and lichens that have formed over the years. No need to do it yourself since you can risk damaging it, but instead for a 2,000 square-foot roof you can have a professional to do it for approximately $400 to $600.

Pay for roof repairs now or pay for them later in a lower appraisal, because the condition of it could bring the value down by the equivalent amount required for the repair. Have your roof fixed and up to date in an effort for an easy sale and a higher value. If you are lucky enough to have your home in a neighborhood where the demand is high then you might sell it without considering a roof repair, but make sure you mention it to the buyer.

Front porch ideas

front porch with black chairs

Porches are a home addition that is popular and trendy. People love this place because you get to spend hours here thinking about what the future holds. Imagine enjoying all the great mornings on your beautiful porch while sipping from a cup of coffee. Reading on the porch is one of the most pleasant experiences. You can inspire most of these stories for your home buyers when they first lay eyes on your porch.

If you have a porch, that could also be spruced up to give a good first impression then we recommend that you paint the porch steps, railings, and banisters, and make the trim and any shutters match in color for a coordinated look. Replace any damaged, non-operative, or rusted hardware (external light fixtures, door handles, or house numbers) and have your front door painted for a fresh look. 

You can add some natural elements to the porch or on the stairs of your house, such as flowers or a wreath. Update house numbers on the doors and replace door handles and make it look appealing by matching your metals. This will give your home a fresh look and home buyers will feel welcome

Also, take care of all the areas with which the homebuyers come in contact with first. The porch is one. Secondly, do you have an old and rusty mailbox? Take care of it! Make sure the mailbox is up to date and attractive, and that the address is clear and easily read. Check the house number on the curb, and refresh it as well, if needed. Add lighting along the sidewalk, and repaint the garage door if necessary. This will impress home buyers before they even walk in the house so you set things in the right direction for closing the deal.


Don’t underestimate the overall look of your home. This could make a huge difference when it comes to selling it and if you take care of it, you will be bombarded with offers and scheduled showings and the local real estate agents promoting your home will have many key aspects that they can highlight. By following these simple steps you can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal and increase the overall value of your home.

Did we miss any curb appeal suggestions? What do you think are the best improvements you can make to your home to improve its curb appeal? Let us know in the comment section below.


4 Responses to " Homesellers: Simple Steps to Improve Curb Appeal "

  1. rachel frampton says:

    I’m planning to replace my garage’s worn outdoor because this can help increase my home’s value. Well, you’re right that it would be a great help to improve my backyard’s atmosphere by having the trees pruned and trimmed. I also agree with you that my home’s roof must be checked ad inspected for any damages.

    • Ovidiu Tarnaceanu says:

      Thank you for your feedback! Indeed, a worn garage door can push away potential home buyers if you plan to sell the property, but it is also not very aesthetic. Sometimes, we buy a property with trees already there, and they might not enhance the home curb appeal because of their placement, type, or age.

      However, just by trimming and pruning the trees, you can immediately improve the home curb appeal. Nowadays, you have everything you need to know about pruning and trimming on the internet, and with a bit of research, you can easily turn it into a DIY home improvement project if you are feeling handy. Also, roof repairs or improvements are definitely going to increase the home value.

  2. rachel frampton says:

    My dad would like to sell his home someday, which is why he’s thinking of hiring a contractor that will be able to fix the driveway’s cracks and holes. Well, we share the same opinion that he must also consider leveling his backyard because it will help improve its look. I also agree with you that he must check his roof for any missing shingles and have it repaired immediately.

    • Ovidiu Tarnaceanu says:

      Hey Rachel! Fixing and improving everything from the driveway up to the front door is a great idea, especially if your dad is planning to sell. These are the first things home buyers are going to see when they come around for a showing. Since an overwhelming amount of home buyers decide in the first 5 minutes if they will buy or not, everything close to the driveway, the backyard, and roof need to be on point.

      Since you both agree to level the backyard, here are some gorgeous backyard updates that you might want to look into if you want to improve the home curb appeal even further.

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