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architectural styles for homes


Last updated: October 13, 2020 • Real Estate Market

7 Home Architectural Styles that are American Favorites

Whether you’re looking into buying a home, to build a house of your own, or just want to increase your vocabulary of real estate terms when it comes to home design, architectural styles are important. Houses don’t just get listed with number of bedrooms and bathrooms, they almost always have a particular look and feel …

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bidet history - this or that


Last updated: June 3, 2020 • Home Improvement

To Bidet or not to Bidet? That is the Question!

Chances are, you were pretty confused when you encountered your first bidet, and for good reason! They are a restroom addition that never really became standard in the United States. They’re still popular around the world in other places, and can be found in random homes across the globe, including some U.S. based luxury real …

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