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The city of Gulf Shores, AL

Can you picture a perfect day on the waterfront of a beautiful coastal destination? The smell of the sea, the calm and cool breeze gently touching your skin. The sugar-white sandy beach with turquoise waters that create this breathtaking picturesque setting. A beach that stretches for miles and an endless body of water which gives a timeless feel.

Does that sound like the perfect spot to be at right now? Would you like to feel the hot sand beneath your feet and the sunshine touching your skin? Hear the calm, soothing waters that seem to whisper in your ears. Then, embark on a journey to one of the most beautiful coastal cities, for a memorable experience. Visit some of the top beaches in Alabama for an unforgettable journey.

The city of Gulf Shores, Alabama is a resort city located on the southernmost part of Alabama, right on the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico. Although populated by less than 12,000 people this city receives more than 5 million tourists every year. With its beautiful waterfront and the natural landscape scenery, this location is one of the most desired coastal destinations in Alabama.

A haven for tourists, the city of Gulf Shores, AL is highly praised by the locals as well. With a year-round climate, good schools, many good places to eat and plenty of things to do, living in the city of Gulf Shores, AL exceeds all expectations. Here is a close insight into what the city of Gulf Shores, AL has in store for both tourists and locals.

Gulf Shores, Alabama, the weather you expect to see here

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One of the best things about Gulf Shores, AL is the weather. The humid subtropical climate of the city, brings long, hot days in the summer and sunny, mild days in the winter. The year-round weather encourages beach-going and water activities throughout all seasons. Residents can enjoy the outdoors even in the winter because this season is relatively warm with temperatures close to 60 degrees during daytime and dropping as low as 40 degrees during the night.

Summers are hot, perfect for beach-going and the breeze helps cut off the extreme heat and humidity. During the day you can expect highs around 90 degrees and lows during the evening of about 68 degrees. Gulf Shores is also vulnerable to tropical cyclones. Hurricanes are common in the area and they can cause flooding and damage to the city which requires newer buildings to be raised under a strict building code.

Gulf Shores, Alabama population

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As mentioned previously, Gulf Shores, Alabama’s population is under 12,000 in which 99% are citizens. As far as ethnical composition goes, the population of Gulf Shores, AL, according to 2017 census, the city is composed of 94.3% Caucasian, 3.34%

Hispanic or Latino residents, 0.98% Asian alone residents, 0.86% two or more races and 0.3% are African American residents.
The median age of all the people that live in Gulf Shores, AL in 2017 was around 51.6 at the time. This shows a lot of interest in the city amongst seniors. Also, the city holds some highly-rated retirement communities where you can pamper yourself given all the amenities and features of these communities. The city of Gulf Shores, AL is a great place to retire and you should definitely consider it.

Things to do in Gulf Shores, Alabama

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Even though a small and compact city, there are plenty of things to do in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The family-friendly environment offers a multitude of options if you are looking to spend some quality time with your kids and spouse. Also, the average age of residents in Gulf Shores is around 46 years old which makes it a good place for seniors as well.

If you love the water then you can choose to catch a good wave on your surf board or go for a swim. Be aware and try and pay attention to flag warnings that indicate strong currents or dangerous marine life in order to keep yourself and others safe. Fishing is very common in Gulf Shores, AL. From recreational up to competitive level fishing, the Gulf of Mexico is definitely a hotspot for fishermen. With the variety of fish that populate these waters, it’s hard to walk away empty-handed no matter what level of expertise you have.

If you are looking for more things to do in Gulf Shores, AL on the beachside, cruise tours are very common and you get to see dolphins in their natural habitat. With 32 miles of beachfront that connects four cities, eight miles of it belong to Gulf Shores. Even a simple walk on the beach can be magical, under a beautiful sunset and the majestic waterfront landscape. 

Don’t be worried that as soon as you step out of the beachside you will be left with nothing to do. The city of Gulf Shores has plenty of entertainment and activities you can rejoice in outside of the waterfront area. You can take your kids to a fun day at amusement parks and waterparks in the area and if you get hungry you can enjoy local food that features fresh-caught seafood and fish. For wildlife enthusiasts, there are bird-spotting locations and the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo with an impressive display of animals.

Events and shows are often held in the city so make sure you subscribe to them and enjoy the plentiful life that Gulf Shores, AL has to offer. There are many more things to do in Gulf Shores, Alabama and we don’t want to spoil all the fun so make sure you check it out.

Places to eat in Gulf Shores, Alabama

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So many activities to keep all the family members entertained will definitely stimulate your appetite. But don’t worry because some of the nicest places to eat are in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Here are some places where you can eat in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

LuLu’s Gulf Shores is a festive waterfront hangout where people can enjoy some casual eats and drinks, along with beach activities and live music in the evening. Original Oyster House Seafood Restaurant features seafood platters and Cajun specialties in a special venue. Bahama Bob’s Beach Side Cafe is also a good place to eat, that features seafood specialties as well as Caribbean and Southern-style eats. De Soto’s Seafood Kitchen offers a diverse lineup of seafood and sides in a pleasant and casual, airy setting.

The real estate market in Gulf Shores, Alabama

With so many people coming in and out of the city of Gulf Shores, AL, it is important to provide housing for both tourists that come here for a limited amount of time and for people who want to relocate here. The real estate market thrives in the city of Gulf Shores even if along the year it has been struck by multiple natural disasters. The Real estate market in Gulf Shores features prices slightly higher than the national average and there are many options from which to choose.

The high traffic of tourists every year gave birth to a prosperous real estate market in terms of rentals. The median rent price stands at around $970 but this price varies based on unit types, number of bedrooms and location. Hotels and condos located at the waterfront offer breathtaking views and if you plan to come to the city of Gulf Shores, consider the waterfront area.

Home prices for the Gulf Shores real estate market are looking good and trends predict significant appreciation in the following years. Median home prices in Gulf Shores stand at around $250,000 and the largest share of households have a property value within the $300,000 and $400,000 range. If we have convinced you to move to this amazing coastline city, then contact one of our real estate agents in Gulf Shores AL who will help you buy the home you always dreamed of having.


The city of Gulf Shores, Alabama is a diverse and well-rounded area with features and amenities for both families and seniors. There are a number of things to do in Gulf Shores and places where you can eat. The year-round climate makes Gulf Shores, Alabama a desirable place to be in as a senior in one of the senior communities as well as a young parent that aims for a better life for his/her family. The thriving real estate market in Gulf Shores, Alabama comes as a bonus for anyone who strives to own property in the area.

Have you ever been to the city of Gulf Shores, Alabama? If so, what are the most memorable moments you had there? Besides everything, we mentioned in this article, what other things did you find interesting about Gulf Shores? Let us know.


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