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The city of Foley Alabama

Since 1915, the city of Foley, AL became the last city before the shore, the last stop before the Gulf of Mexico and is now a small town with a big city feel. Young families, business owners, and retirees come here from all over the country to get that simple, stress-free, easy life by the shore and enjoy the calm that a small town can offer.

From the mild, subtropical weather to the trails in Graham Creek Nature Preserve, there are plenty of activities in Foley that will keep you out of the house, not to mention the indoor options where dining and shopping are included. The arts scene is very developed as well and the youth sports programs are amazing. 

Located minutes away from the Foley, AL beach and two and a half hours away from New Orleans, the city offers relaxation with just enough entertainment to not be boring. Being that close to the Gulf of Mexico makes it a prime destination for holidays and it offers tourist attractions all year round.

Now, if you’re thinking of visiting the city of Foley, AL for a while, or even move there because of your job or in search of a relaxing life, we are going to cover a few important aspects of life in Foley Alabama for you. We’ll go from attractions to real estate and, of course, the perks of living there.There are new housing developments popping up everywhere and the only struggle is to choose the one that best fits your dream home. A place where you can relax, enjoy the sun, a place that will make you hum “Sweet Home Alabama” by the pool as you watch the sunset. So go ahead, get in touch with the top real estate agents in Foley AL and make your dream come true, where the skies are so blue.

Quick facts about Foley Alabama population

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The city of Foley, AL was built around the Foley train station. Now known as the Foley Depot Museum, the train station preceded the actual city by 10 years. The city then became the economic center of South Baldwin County for warehousing and shipping local farm products. This inspired the city to experience a population growth gradually since the 1970’ but with an exponential boom ever since the 2000’. In the last few years, the population of Foley, AL had a constant growth rate of approximately 3-3.5% per year. 

As both young and old people do find this city a good place to relocate either for it’s ranking as the #6th Best Place to Live in Baldwin County or #4th Best Place to Retire in Alabama, the population of Foley, AL has an overall median age of 48.1 years old. While it is higher than the US median age of 37.7, it had a more than 140% population growth since 2000.

Currently, Foley, AL has a population of about 19,000 with a racial composition predominantly white.

  • White: 81.75%
  • Black or African American: 15.74%
  • Other race: 1.24%
  • Two or more races: 0.60%
  • Asian: 0.36%
  • Native American: 0.30%

Crime rates in Foley, AL

crime and violence concept

Overall speaking, the crime rate in Foley, Alabama is rather high, either when compared to the state of Alabama or the nation. When we’re looking at violent crimes, Foley, AL has a 51% lower rate than the state of Alabama and 33% lower than America, but when it comes to property crime, that’s when the balance shifts. Foley, AL has a higher property crime rate than Alabama by 43%, and it is also higher when compared to the country by 83%. 

Taking all of that into consideration would make you think that Foley isn’t as safe as it should be considering the small community and population density. Being a retail-driven city, however, there is a higher than average chance of theft and shoplifting. The police department is working hard to reduce these numbers in order to keep the quality of life in the city and make Foley a safe place to live.

Real estate in Foley Alabama

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Home values have gone up in Foley, AL over the last year by 4.9% and this trend is predicted to continue its ascent by 3.7% over the next year. Ever since the last economic crisis in 2008 and the maximum depreciation of 2012, the real estate market in Foley has been on a stable and steady climb and home values are currently higher than the average homes in Alabama.

Since the end of 2019, the real estate prices in Foley, AL have been at an average of $180,000. While it is slightly higher than the state average of $145,000, it is notably lower than the $306,000 of Fairhope, AL. Currently, Foley, AL is experiencing a buyers market which means that there are more houses on the market than there are buyers. This means that there are more options to choose from for those interested in buying a home. It also means that the asking price and the actual selling price have more room for negotiation.

When you are moving to a new location housing prices matter as well as other expenses. After adding up all the expenses you will realize that the cost of living in Foley, AL is lower than the national average. It is, however, slightly higher than the average for Alabama.

The real estate market is in constant development here as new neighborhoods are popping up in the area, while old neighborhoods are rebranded and rejuvenated every day. The community got a facelift and the fact that it’s as close to the shore, 10-15 minutes away by car, you can even buy a property by the water if you choose the Wolf Bay area.

Shopping for everyone in Foley, AL

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In the city of Foley, AL there is something to shop for everyone, with any taste or style of shopping. You can go window shopping because here, you can find something for everybody. For babies, there are strollers, for ladies you can find heirloom gifts. Experience an A to Z shopping extravaganza in thrift shops and enjoy the entertainment centers in the family fun indoor parks and playgrounds.

Tanger Outlets

Here you can indulge in every discount available for family and friends with a large variety of brands under one roof and a whole day’s worth of activities. There are play areas and even a carousel for children so the entertainment section is fit to provide a fun experience for any age. Tanger Outlets made our list because the parking is plentiful and there are lots of places to eat.

Downtown OWA

Connected to the Park at OWA, this shopping, dining and entertainment part of OWA looks like the downtown area of a luxurious small town. There are national restaurant brands within the Southern streetscapes and lots of available shops. More will happen to this upscale area as they are expanding the shopping and restaurant part of OWA Park so keep in mind the potential of this entertainment place.

Food with a lot of Charm

With a history like Foley’s, it was bound to filter down on your plate as well. A sprinkle of charm is added for a dining experience to remember. The options are countless and fitting every taste, from Asian food to traditional Southern roast. Take your friends and family to some of the best restaurants in Foley, AL.

Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen

Rated as the best restaurant in Foley, AL by, this American Southern-style dining exceeds expectations. In the South, the bar is very high when it comes to food as everyone has their recipes and is used to their mother’s or grandmother’s cooking. This place offers all of that and more in a southern elegant decor.


If you like steak, this is the place to go to in Foley, AL. A steak that is seeping with flavor in a quaint homey restaurant. Other options include burgers, sandwiches or beef and it’s a great place for lunch or dinner with family or friends. Your taste buds will explode from their meals, from beginning to end and we are sure you will already plan your next visit by the time your first course is over.

Living by the beach In Foley Alabama

Only a 15-minute drive by car either south or west and you’re there. Take the Foley Beach Express to avoid the big town traffic and the I-10 takes you right on the shore. The Foley, AL beaches still seem to be one of the best-kept secrets of the state and nation. With music festivals, hot air balloon trips, beach parties, concerts, and the Annual National Shrimp Festival, there are a wide variety of activities available, aside from the traditional swimming that the water surface can entertain. There is also a wide variety of beaches that you can choose from. If you’re looking for a relaxing day on the beach with your family, you can go with one that is comfortable, secluded and relaxed. If you prefer one that is highly active and entertaining, with fantastic experiences like volleyball, parties, and even skydiving, there are just such options available!

Downtown Foley, AL

In downtown Foley, AL the history will fascinate any explorer, and yes, you can be an explorer in your hometown. An epitome of Alabama charm, the sites, the lovely boutiques, and unique restaurants, they all take you back in time as you’re walking through Main Street. There’s even a walking tour that can offer the story in an interactive way as you experience the beautiful area on foot. 

Downtown Foley, AL is in the center of the busiest intersection in Baldwin County and it has a great commercial appeal. Being newly renovated, it attracts new and diverse businesses and even housing developers. This is the up-and-coming zone of the south with economic vitality and community connectivity.


New projects are being undertaken by developers, both for housing and economic development as people continue to be attracted by the beauty of the simple life by the shore. With such proximity to the gulf area, plenty of homes for sale in Foley, AL have pools and there’s nothing better than to relax in a sunbed by your private pool. If you’re interested in private pools, you will not be disappointed as there are a lot of homes for sale in Foley, AL with a pool. Foley is a great place to live for those who want a peaceful life.

Leave a comment to let us know if there’s anything in particular that interests you about Foley, Alabama. Like and share with your friends so this well-kept secret of the south can be experienced by more people.


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  1. Christina Henderson says:

    As a real estate agent in the Foley area, you are wrong about it being a buyer’s market. I am not sure how you pull your data. It is currently a seller’s market and has been for the last year. There is a severe housing shortage. People are moving here from all over the country – mostly northerners moving south. The shortage of houses has driven up real estate prices significantly.

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