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The city of Sarasota FL

How would you feel if you could step out your front door to be greeted by the most amazing coastline view? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your morning coffee on a terrace overlooking the breathtaking sunset? What would it feel like to be part of a friendly and lively community that is not too big and overwhelming but large enough that you have everything your heart might desire in terms of attraction and entertainment.

If something is too good to be true then it probably is, but not in the case of Sarasota, Florida. Not only is the city considered to be a tourist paradise, but it is also one of the most diverse communities that is able to accommodate families with children, seniors as well as singles. It is a city that can satisfy anyone, no matter what stage of life you find yourself in.

The city of Sarasota FL is known for many things that make it an even better place to visit or relocate to. First of all, Sarasota is considered to be the Cultural Coast of Florida because of its richness in theaters, arts, and other cultural attractions. Secondly, it is also considered to be a Circus town thanks to the immense contribution of the Ringling family, one of the most renowned circus families in the world.

Sarasota FL has a lot of attractions and amenities which will make you spend days seeing and exploring some of the best things to do in Sarasota FL. If we made you excited about the wonderful city of Sarasota FL, then let’s dive a little deeper and see what you can expect to find here.

The weather in Sarasota FL

One of the pros of living in Florida is the great weather and the residents of Sarasota FL, love it, and enjoy it the most. Long, hot, and wet summers, perfectly match the beautiful coastline city of Sarasota FL and winters are short enough that people get back the sunny and hot vibes of the summer as soon as possible.

Typically, the weather in Sarasota FL, during summer comes with long sunny and hot days and clouds might show up from time to time. Temperatures in the summer vary between 60 and 95 degrees and the hot season usually lasts from May till October with the hottest month being the month of August. The chance of getting a wet day with rain is Sarasota FL varies from one year to another. However, the wetter season lasts about 3.7 months and it is usually between the months of June to September.

The winter season is mostly cloudy, cool, and windy with temperatures ranging from 70 to 53 degrees. The coolest month is January and the cool season lasts about 2.8 months from December till the beginning of March.

According to the tourism scores, rainless days with temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees, seem to be the sweet spot for when the tourist scores are high. Therefore, the best time of year to visit the city of Sarasota FL appears to be late February to early May and late October to early December. The climate is really one of the things that make Sarasota FL a good place to live and to visit as well.

The population of Sarasota Florida

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Sarasota FL is a city consisting of about 60,000 people and the median age of the population is about 45 years of age. The great thing about Sarasota is the fact that it has a mix of communities with amenities that suits all lifestyles. Neighborhoods such as Laurel Park is perfect for young professionals and singles who want to enjoy great eateries and the awesome nightlife.

On the other hand, the safe city of Sarasota FL holds neighborhoods such as Alta Vista that is perfect for families with children, and Harbor Acres is the perfect spot to buy a retirement home with beautiful Gulf views. The city of Sarasota holds residents of all ages with about 15% of the population consisting of persons under 18 and 27% of the population is 65 years of age or older.

As far as the racial composition goes there are about 67% Caucasian residents, 13% African American and about 16% Hispanic or Latino residents. The city of Sarasota is the place where you can pretty much find everything your heart desires, that’s why the area is quite sought after. Even some of the most famous celebrities found Sarasota FL to be a great place to live.

Best beaches in Sarasota Florida

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We all know that one of the main reasons why people love Florida is because of the world-class beaches. Having miles and miles of coastline, Florida offers tourists and residents one of the most beautiful and unique coastline experiences. Living in a coastline city is even better because you get to enjoy every day what tourists get to see and experience just for a couple of days.

Sarasota FL is definitely one of the places with outstanding beaches that you absolutely must visit. One such beach area in Sarasota FL is Siesta Key, an 8-mile island comprising three great beaches which are, Siesta Beach, Turtle Beach and Crescent Beach. The word goes by that Siesta beach is one of the best beaches in the world while the other two attract families and sunbathers during the day, and people ready to party during the night.

Lido Key is another great beach in Sarasota Florida, located between Longboat Key and Siesta Key. Lido Key boasts three beaches, North Lido, South Lido, and Lido Beach. These Keys received their name from John Ringling, the famous circus family from the area, who was a huge fan of Italian cuisine, and “Lido” is the Italian word for “beach”.

Let’s not forget about Caspersen Beach in Venice which is known for being one of the long stretches of beach in Sarasota County. It is a place where you can enjoy activities such as hiking, bird watching, and admire different plant species. Just a stone throw away from Sarasota is Venice Beach known for its colorful lifeguard stand, a pavilion with shaded tables, easy access to the beach and plenty of parking around the beach area.

The pros and cons of living in Sarasota FL

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Yes, Sarasota FL is overall an amazing place to live but, like any other city, there are good things about the city and downsides as well. We like to hear only the good parts about a city, but if you plan to relocate, it is better if you find out from the get-go what are the least favorite things about the city, so you are not surprised afterward. Let’s start with the pros of living in Sarasota FL.

Pros of living in Sarasota Florida

  1. An amazing culinary experience

One of the best things about Sarasota FL is the amazing culinary experience. There are more than 1,400 restaurants throughout the area providing different cuisines that take you through all corners of the world. You will be greeted with fresh flavors and local specialties since the food scene is so diverse ranging from food trucks up to fine dining restaurants. Whether you want to spoil yourself at one of their upscale steakhouses or go for some top-quality seafood dishes, Sarasota has you covered.

  1. Plenty of cultural opportunities to explore Sarasota

We already mentioned the fact that Sarasota FL is considered to be the Cultural Coast of Florida. Coming to Sarasota you have access to numerous festivals, cultural events, and other similar activities that are held here throughout the year. Sarasota is home for the Asolo Theater, one of the world-class art museums and the Sarasota Music Festival is a three-week delight for classical music lovers. The cultural opportunities are endless in Sarasota and it is a great pro for the city.

  1. Get to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible

The community highly encourages outdoor activities and does a great job of enticing you to go out and explore. You could go birdwatching or stroll along the beach while admiring the beautiful sunsets that are the most unique in the world. If you want to walk, bike, or hike the Legacy Trail is the best place where you can get out and have an amazing adventure. There is no doubt that the beautiful scenery is something you should look forward to and it is one of the pros of living in Sarasota because you get to enjoy it year-round.

The cons of living in Sarasota FL

  1. Winter months bring disrupted traffic

During the winter months, you will notice a significant increase in population, especially because Sarasota is a prime location for retirees.  It is also the snowbird season and there is a significant increase in the snowbird population, which is another reason why people are preferring Sarasota as a vacation destination. Around Thanksgiving, you will notice a significant increase in population and in traffic as well, so you better be prepared to spare some extra time on the road.

Also, tourists have plenty of options in terms of vacation rental, but others might prefer Airbnb or even consider buying a second home.

  1. Hurricanes and tropical storms could strike the city

Although many people believe the western location of Sarasota along the Gulf Coast, sheltered the city from storms, the opposite is actually true. The city has been hit by storms that travel across the mainland, coming from the Atlantic Ocean and it has also been struck by storms coming from the Gulf. Make sure you check out the weather reports between August and October, when the events usually occur in order to avoid them.

  1. Housing costs are rapidly rising in the Sarasota area

Some downtown condos in downtown Sarasota FL are priced around 600,000 and prices for something like that really start at that range. Getting something new under that level is hard to find which shows that the housing market is getting quite expensive lately. The city’s rapid growth in population comes as a disadvantage for home buyers since there aren’t a lot of options and most of them are not cheap.

The real estate market in Sarasota FL

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We have already mentioned the rapidly growing population of Sarasota Florida, that is impacting the prices in the real estate market. Sarasota FL is a sellers market and there are not a lot of options for buyers, especially cheaper options in terms of housing. New buildings and homes that are built in Sarasota come at prices above the $500,000 range.

In Sarasota FL, at this time, there are about 20% fewer properties listed compared to last year and you can expect to find an average price for single-family homes of $420,000 and an average price of $400,000 for condos. The number of properties sold is about 12% higher than last year so if you plan to go into the Sarasota FL housing market as a buyer, you might want to do it soon, as prices are expected to go up.

Rentals are highly-priced from the get-go in Sarasota FL, just because it is a place that attracts a lot of tourists. Being a homeowner would pay off in the long-run but not the same goes for the rental. Zillow places the median rental price close to $2000 per month, but with the quarantine situation and restrictions for tourists during the coronavirus pandemic, the housing market has been affected. Therefore, prices might’ve experienced quite a bit of fluctuation lately.

However, as soon as the restrictions are lifted and tourists start to flood the area, rental prices will stabilize or even increase. Make sure you get in touch with one of the best real estate agents in Sarasota FL, to find out the best deals and homes for sale. It is afterall a more competitive market but one that can bring high rewards so make sure you do things right.


There is always something special about the coastline cities of Florida, and the same can be said about the city of Sarasota FL. It is a vibrant area filled with attractions and amenities for everyone. Not only that, but it does have everything you would expect from a highly-rated coastline city. Sarasota FL is one of the treasures on the West Coast of Florida, and it is waiting for you to explore it’s wonders.

If you love the city of Sarasota FL, and if you ever had the chance to visit or live in Sarasota, let us know what you think in the comment section. Share with us your awesome experience and let everyone know what Sarasota is all about.


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