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Sarasota FL is the county seat of Sarasota County, a beautiful city located on the West Coast of Florida. Having such amazing scenery at your disposal paired with the outstanding weather of Florida and the breathtaking sunsets is nothing short of a miracle really. How could you not love the city of Sarasota FL for all that it has to offer?

The neighborhoods of Sarasota FL are vibrant and they suit all lifestyles. From exclusive gated communities with luxury estates and clubhouses to neighborhoods that offer great nightlife and opportunities for young professionals, Sarasota has it all. Even celebrities find Sarasota to be a great place to live. Because the median age of the population is about 45 years, the area is highly sought after by young people as well as seniors. Overall the city of Sarasota is considered a great place to live, but what about the safety of Sarasota FL?

Sarasota FL is a paradise for tourists, and where there are tourists, thieves are drawn as well. That’s why property crimes such as burglary, theft, and vehicle theft are higher than the average of the state. But, like anywhere else there are bad parts of town that should be avoided but, generally, the main areas of interest are safe and there is little to worry about.

Like with any other city, exercising caution is key in order to avoid unwanted attention. On the other hand, there are family-friendly neighborhoods that really shine for their great schools and amenities towards families.

In Sarasota FL neighborhoods such as Alta Vista ranks amongst the safest neighborhoods in Florida, and aside from that, you will find plenty of interesting things to see and do here.

Contact one of the best realtors in Sarasota FL and you will be way on your way of finding the best housing in the area with some of the safest neighborhoods.


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