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Last updated: September 11, 2021 • Real Estate Market

Tiny Homes Across the USA

Tiny homes have hit the big time! For good reason, too –  who can resist the quaint, simple appeal of a tiny home, especially when they are so within our reach? Your hobbit home doesn’t have to be buried in a mossy hill or built out of fresh pine. Even some of the strangest items can be converted into a tiny home.

In case you’re thinking of investing in building a tiny home or just curious about the possibilities of off the grid homes , here are some wonderful places to find potential and inspiration. (Check out our Pinterest board!)

Tree Houses

tree house

We all wanted a tree house as a kid, but why not indulge in a little wish-fulfillment as an adult? Whether your tree house is lofted and hidden amidst the trees or just built around an old, reliable oak, tree houses add that come-back-to-nature feel that some log houses might be lacking. While it may take some maneuvering and a little professional insight, these houses can be reliable and beautiful once the building is done.

Renovated School Bus

bus or minivan house

Many school buses are trashed every few years as school districts move on to newer models. Some of them can still drive, or can be repaired so that they run properly. Regardless of whether or not they run, they can be hollowed out and made into skinny, quaint homes. If you do manage to get everything under the hood in order, what’s stopping you from taking your new house on a joyride across the country?

Teardrop Camper Home

teardrop Camper

While closer to sleepers than actual homes, these little houses shouldn’t be taken out of the race. They can be small enough to hold nothing more than a bed, or large enough to house more than two people at once. A great investment for travelers looking for something reliable to tug behind their truck or car, and these little trailers can come in a variety of sizes to accommodate whatever you’re looking for. Along with being cute, they’re versatile too!

Converted Silo

Silo Converted into home

Definitely one of the odder choices, but don’t rule it out! Silos can certainly house more than grain, especially if you convert it correctly. This rustic home brings a number of new aspects to the table, like circular housing, tall ceilings, and a rustic metal exterior. Charming, useful, and a great way to recycle something still worth using. Even some bed & breakfast joints use converted silos to bring their guests the ultra-rustic feel and photo opportunities they might be looking for, like this gorgeous piece of real estate in northwestern Missouri.

Storage Container House

storage Container Home

Even storage containers can be turned into beautiful, innovative homes. Stack them, have them intersect, or even put them side by side to make separated parts of the house. With a bit of professional help and your imagination, you can decorate them with windows, porches, and gorgeous interior fixtures. Nothing is impossible, so why not save some money and invest in a few metal containers?

Traditional Tiny Home or Log cabin

beautifull log cabin

Your house doesn’t have to be limited to renovated and recycled items, though. Building your own tiny home is definitely within reach, and much easier than building a full house. If you have a piece of land that can be spruced up with a little cabin or hobbit-hole, don’t hesitate to look into it. From tiny loft-houses to adorable little cottages, anything is possible once you put your mind to it and besides a log cabin in the nature will provide you with many new and funny experiences.

What kind of tiny home do you dream of? Share your aspirations and follow The OFFICIAL Real Estate Agent Directory® for more lifestyle tips.


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