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Last updated: May 21, 2021 • Real Estate Investing

Unexpected Purchases to Prepare for When Buying a Home

First-time home buying is a lesson in learning what you need to live comfortably. When you come straight from your parent’s house, or even rooming with a pal, you might lack certain essentials that you never even realized you would appreciate.

Some home buyers have needed to purchase more cleaning items when they moved in, and things they wouldn’t have expected. Particularly, if they are young and just starting out, they might need the very household items it’s easy to take for granted. Things like a broom, dustpan, a decent, large frying pan.

Are you preparing meals with your roommate’s cookware? Eating off their plates, using their hand towels in the kitchen? If you are at your parent’s home, you have probably been impressed with the amount of “stuff’ your mom has managed to jam into her overflowing closets and crawl spaces. It takes many years to accumulate all the things you will need to keep up a home. You might be working on amassing your own supplies for a long time.

It helps to envision going through your day and thinking of the items you use at each part of it. When you wake up and take a shower, will you have a towel, a shower curtain? When you make breakfast, will you need a toaster, or a microwave? Do you need to buy an iron if your job requires business attire?

Here’s a short list you can keep handy when you buy a home:

  1. Mops, brooms, dustpans, vacuum
  2. Dishes, silverware pots and pans
  3. Cleaning products, wastebaskets
  4. Bedding
  5. Throw rugs
  6. Curtains, blinds
  7. Lawn tools: rakes, shovels, pruning shears
  8. Hangers, hooks, picture hanging hardware
  9. Table and floor lamps. Fans
  10. Linens, shower curtain, towels
  11. Small kitchen appliances

Before you move into your new pad, refer to our list, then check out more items you might want to pick-up from Pinterest, an app that will give you creative and unique ideas to furnish and customize your home.

Now that you know you need this list (and maybe even a longer one) make sure to put some money aside every month, so when the time comes to splurge on necessities (and the not-so-necessities) you’re all set!

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