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Last updated: May 20, 2021 • Home Improvement

What Would You Add to this Dream Closet?

In love with this dream closet? We are too! But we noticed that something is missing from it, something can make it even dreamier and more luxurious. We’ve broken down what we’d like to add to this spacious closet, while adding value to the home. What would you add to it, especially if you wanted to list your home for sale.

Wine Rack: Closets don’t need to be limited to just storing clothes. Spacious closets can act as an entire room to a house. This can be the place where people come to relax for a moment from their busy day. A closet would be a great area to have a wine rack to display every wine bottle that was once in the pantry.

Jewelry Organizer: Since a closet is made for storage, it is also great to organize everything else within a wardrobe, such as jewelry. Having well-displayed, beautiful jewelry adds a luxurious touch to a wardrobe.

Velvet Hangers: Velvet hangers serve as a luxurious addition to any closet. Since velvet hangers are textured, they provide a grip for clothes so they don’t easily slide off of the hangers. Most velvet hangers are often more practical to use because they are thinner and consequently take up less space. This means there will be more room to place even more clothing into the closet. Velvet hangers also provide a more uniform look to a closet and helps to tie the room together.

Full-length Mirror: Every dream closet needs a full-length mirror. Full-length mirrors are very functional in that they are perfect for when it is time to finalize your outfit head to toe. In a closet that is already filled with so many clothes, it can be difficult to quickly put together a wardrobe for the day and leave the home. Full-length mirrors allow everything to be seen from head to toe and can speed up the lengthy dressing process.

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