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Thanks for visiting my profile today. Since 1987 I've helped my clients and customers navigate the Real Estate market through traditional real estate brokerage activities and auctions.

Professional Real Estate Auctioneer and Broker. David has solid experience in consultative selling, promoting and concept marketing. Competent in planning, organizing, and creating strategic plans with principals, builders and sellers. Personally committed to high work ethics and attainment of your goals. Proven skills in growth management and the ability to increase sales. Excellent writing and verbal skills. Comfortable negotiating agreements with win/win outcomes. Described by others as loyal, trustworthy, and fun loving.

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David Carroll

David Carroll


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Bid Price

    (1) Price a buyer is willing to pay, or bid, for a certain piece of property. It is the highest price offered to buy the property. (2) Price per share that shareholders receive when they redeem their shares in a real estate corporation. ...

  • Uniform Residential Landlord And Tenant Act

    Legislation in 13 states providing protection to people who rent their residences. The act deals with landlord-tenant contractual relationships and obligations. ...

  • Wall Panel

    Exterior wall not supporting a load, mostly found in office buildings. ...

  • Entire Contract Clause

    Feature of life and health insurance policies that stipulates that the policy represents the whole agreement between the insurance company and the insured, and that there are no other outstanding agreements. ...

  • Financial Accounting Standards Board (fasb) 113

    New rule entitled "Accounting and Reporting for Reinsurance of Short-duration and Long-duration Contracts," which requires the insurance company to report all assets and liabilities relating to reinsurance contracts on its financial statements on a gross basis rather than on the net of the influence ...

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