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Want to know how to purchase your DREAM HOME and save $57,310.16 in interest, fees and costs you'd otherwise pay, own the home FREE and CLEAR in 12-17 years, and have no personal debt? ? MESSAGE ME! ?

I help YOU build wealth in Real Estate by first understanding your largest debt - your Mortgage - positioning you to think like a Banker, not a Borrower! Those who understand interest, Earn It! Those who don't Pay it. 

Learn how to dramatically reduce the TOTAL COST of buying and financing your DREAM home. 
Understand the actual break even point if you refinance and who wins that game!

Let's talk about YOUR DREAM HOME!

DON'T WAIT! MOVE UP TO THE DREAM HOME YOUR FAMILY HAS ALWAYS WANTED NOW! WAITING to make the move while interest rates increase simply raises the cost to buy what you want!! 

Never Miss Out on Your Dream Home.  Secure It BEFORE You Close on Your Current Home or You Can Cancel Your Sale! 

Get a GREAT DEAL by using my Dream Home Finder Program where my team and I find the PERFECT house for your family’s needs utilizing a targeted marketing campaign directed to off market homes of your desired home type and in your preferred location, at OUR expense! 

You and I confer to DISCOVER your WISH LIST. 

I will get a commission from the home seller if I find that perfect house for you which means I'm going to work really hard finding a home that “covers your checkmarks!” Win-Win, Baby!

I create an entire campaign to find owners who have considered selling the type of home you want in the location you choose. You’ll have prospective homes that you can look at within 5 to 7 days! 

This will truly put you in a CATEGORY of ONE, as the only buyer who knows about the property and its new availability.

Prices are a function of supply and demand. Dream Home Finder positions you to get your own supply of houses while no other buyers even know the homes are available! 


(Call / Email? / MESSAGE me to see if we’re a good fit to work together!)

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Ernie Dill

Ernie Dill


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Wainscot

    Wood panels on a wall. ...

  • Wood-destroying Insect

    An insect, such as a termite, that "eats into" the wood and destroys it. This can cause significant damage to the home. Most states have laws that require termite inspection and certification when a house is sold. Many homeowners take out policies for an annual fee with termite companies as protecti ...

  • Classification

    Same as term Class: group of insureds with the same characteristics, established for rate-making purposes. For example, all wood-frame houses within 200 feet of a fire plug in the same geographical area would have similar probabilities of incurring a total loss. ...

  • Equipment Dealers Insurance

    Coverage on all risks basis for such items as binders, reapers, harvesters, plows, tractors, pneumatic tools and compressors, bulldozers, and road scrapers. Excluded from coverage are wear and tear, loss due to delay, loss of market, consequential loss such as loss of income because of damage to the ...

  • Loss Draft

    Payment of insurance proceeds for a claim resulting from a loss to insured mortgaged property. ...

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