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About Harriett Love

Why choose me as your Realtor ? ?

* I have more than 9 years of successful experience in Real Estate Sales; investment, commercials, multi-family dwellings, and first time residential home.

* I'm truthful * I am reliable, I work with you from start to finish,. You need a realtor that you can rely on(TM) rely on to get your deals to the table on time, to head off any potential issues before they have an opportunity to arise.

* I am Professional & Courteous, a person with integrity; unfortunately, integrity seems to be lacking in much of today(TM)s business practice.

* I am encouraging - When buyers begin to have second thoughts about their purchase, sometime they just need a little encouragement to move forward. I will remind you of the benefits of owning your own home and help eliminate any doubts or fears you may have as a first time homeowner or investment.

* Nurturing- I genuinely care about my clients I work with and walk you through the process from start to finish.

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Harriett  Love

Harriett Love


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Exempt Property

    Real estate not subject to property tax such as that owned by nonprofit entities including charitable, governmental, religious institutions. ...

  • Cross Tie

    Supporting beam or connecting member between two walls. A cross tie gives support for wall structures. ...

  • Real Estate Computer Software

    Database program that has real estate listings including property photographs. Real estate computer software allows real estate agents and brokers to search for a particular listing by characteristics. For example, an agent may wish to locate all listings of a ranch in a particular municipality ...

  • Resale Proceeds

    Net amount received when property is sold. It equals the selling price less outstanding mortgage balance less all costs incurred in connection with the sale. These expenditures include brokerage commission, bank fees, and advertisements. ...

  • Tuition Form

    Coverage in the event a school, summer camp, or similar operation suffers loss of tuition because a peril destroys a building. The tuition form reimburses the institution for loss of tuition and rental income from room and board. ...

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