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Real Estate Computer Software

Definition of "Real estate computer software"

  1. Database program that has real estate listings including property photographs. Real estate computer software allows real estate agents and brokers to search for a particular listing by characteristics. For example, an agent may wish to locate all listings of a ranch in a particular municipality having a two car garage, basement, four bedrooms, and two baths with an asking price within a certain range. Assuming ranch houses exist in the database having those characteristics, the real estate computer software will locate them and allow the agent to view and print them.
  2. General real estate calculation program including loan and mortgage amortization payments and schedules, present value, affordability calculations, mortgage qualifying analysis, adjustable rate mortgage amortization and payments, estimated closing costs, discount points vs. interest rates, interest paid in tax year, fixed rate loan calculations and mortgage payments, balance after Kth payment, accelerated payment schedule.

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