Jay Silliman
7 Real Estate Management Services

Jay Silliman

7 Real Estate Management Services

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Commission percentage: undisclosed

Licensed Real Estate Broker - 25 years in industry / Real Estate Investor / Real Estate Consultant /  Owner - Property Management Company.    Jay's experience and core personal beliefs combine to provide his Clients with a very high degree of knowledge, service, and professionalism.  Jay is so confident in his abilities to perform for his Clients that he provides Iron-clad, written Guarantees for all of his services. Check out these Guarantees and Reports before making any Real Estate Decisions!


1610 ASHEFORDE DR , Marietta - GA 30068

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Real Estate Glossary Terms

Rentals received in cash rather than on credit....

Capitalization rate used to convert the expected income derived from a property into its estimated asset value. The estimated asset value may be computed by dividing the annual income generated by a property by its capitalization rate. The capitalization rate that is used is generally viewed as havi...

Highest price investor is willing to pay for a stock or mutual fund unit and lowest price a seller of a stock or mutual fund is willing to accept....

Coinsurance requirement such that if a loss is less than $10,000 and also less than 5% of the total of insurance to cover a loss, then the insurance company will not require that the property not damaged by the peril be inventoried or appraised....