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Values are up nicely if you are selling.

Now is a great time to sell your property in Sarasota FL and surrounding areas using the services of an experienced, professional real estate agent. 

When Bob sold his condo in Sarasota FL he said,

        “Judith Chandler was excellent and very attentive to detail and keeping me updated throughout the process. I would use her again, and I will refer anyone I can to her.”

Connie, Bob and Lorraine, in Sarasota FL wrote this following the sale of their villa,

       “Judith was the listing agent for the sale of my mother’s condo.  This was a difficult thing for my mom to do after living in Florida since 1978.  Judith handled her with care and concern in all that this process involved from the listing price to the details of the move, then the closing. Judith was always available to answer questions and provide support.  She would even stop by to see my mom if she was in the area for other business.  Judith truly cares about her clients.” Connie, Bob and Lorraine, Sarasota FL

Take the stress out of your next real estate transaction by calling Judith Chandler at 941.586.3008.

There are lots of great homes, including much new construction, if you are buying a new primary home, vacation home or rental property on the West Coast of Florida in and around Sarasota.  

It takes a full-time, professional Realtor to keep up with all the inventory and changes in the real estate market and be familiar with financial and legal elements of real estate.

According to Kathy and Gary in Bradenton FL, who are repeat customers, they write, 

         “Judith stays calm under trying circumstances and works everything out to satisfactory conclusion. Very trustworthy and goes the extra mile to help her clients.”

 Another repeat customer, Sam in Sarasota FL said,

      Judith Chandler is great! She is very accommodating and works diligently to make sure everything is done on time. Very impressive!”

After they bought a home in Sarasota FL, Bob and Pat wrote, 

      “ We want to thank Judith Chandler for her professionalism and her determination and following through to the end.”

Let Judith Chandler coordinate many of the details from start to finish when selling your property or finding the property that is right for you. Call or text Judith Chandler at 941-586-3008 today.

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Judith Chandler

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Judith Chandler


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Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Appurtenant Structures

    Structure not directly belonging to a property but considered a part of it through the use of an easement of common consent. ...

  • Donee

    One to whom a gift or bequest is made. ...

  • Conservator

    An individual appointed by a court to manage the affairs and property of a legally incompetent party. The conservator has full decision-making authority over the affairs of the property in accordance with court-established guidelines. ...

  • Elizabethan Style

    English architecture. This style has two levels with the second level typically overlaying the first story. The roof is high and the chimney is sculptured. ...

  • Consignment Insurance

    Coverage for items that are on consignment, including exhibits, goods up for auction, and goods awaiting someone's approval. The stipulation for coverage is that these items cannot be under the care, custody, and control of the owner. ...

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