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About Lori McCarthy

As a native of South Louisiana, Lori brings over 17 years of marketing experience to her full time career in Real Estate. While with Van Eaton & Romero, Lori quickly became a top producer in Acadiana nad has consecutively done so for the past 6 years.

She has been significantly involved with the local Realtor association through numerous committees and during her one term as President, two terms as Board Member, and her current term as Past President.

Beyond the required annual continuing education requirements, Lori has achieved The National Association of Realtors Green Designation.

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Lori McCarthy


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • B Horizon

    Subsoil that is beneath the A horizon and above the C horizon of the earth. ...

  • Ultra Vires

    Action that is beyond that allowed legally. Examples are charging illegally high interest rate on mortgages and real estate exceeding the amount permissible by legal statute, and a real estate company performing duties it is not authorized by the corporate charter to perform. Violations may result ...

  • Average Adjuster

    Individual employed by an ocean marine insurance company to settle on its behalf ocean marine-related claims brought by its insureds. The adjuster evaluates the merits of each claim and makes recommendations to the insurance company. ...

  • Intestate

    Death without a will having been drawn. Under this circumstance, the court follows state law in deciding how the estate of the deceased is to be distributed. ...

  • Transportation Ticket Insurance

    Accident policy that covers a traveler for a single trip on an airplane or other common carrier. The name comes from its origin as part of the ticket or ticket stub, but these policies are no longer sold with the ticket. They are commonly sold in airports, often from vending machines. ...

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