Michael Flowers
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Michael Flowers

Fairfax Realty

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I am a full-time licensed Real Estate Associate Broker which means I am available 24/7/365 in order to accommodate the busy schedules of my clients and customers.I act in the best interest of my clients and customers by honoring my fiduciary responsibilities and acting as a consultant rather than just an agent.I focus on what is important to you and base my duties around your needs.I understand the scale of real estate and how it is one of the biggest transactions people make in their lives.I consult all my clients on a scheduled timeline so that they are informed constantly and are never left in the dark.I consult every client with recommendations based on market knowledge, trends and anything that will contribute to my clients receiving the best return on their investment.1 out of 21 contracts are accepted as they are written

- I will use my 14 years experience to negotiate on your behalf.I will walk you through the pre-listing period, the marketing period, the negotiating period, the pending period and the closing. I will keep you informed of the importance of each and how they play together for your best return.I will walk you through the Sellers and Buyers responsibilities to keep you a step ahead of the competition.I will explain activity versus time on the market and how that affects your bottom line.I will match your individual needs with the resourses available to make the process quick and catered around your needs.I bring experience and expertise to every transaction.I have access to Multiple Listing Services (MLS) giving you more options.The Bottom Line: With me, you can anticipate a sale at the BEST possible price ... in the shortest period of time ... using the best marketing system in real estate. I look forward to hearing from you!


7375 Executive Place , Lanham - MD 20706

Office: 1-301-794-9400

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Building's total floor area, in square feet, designed for tenant leasing. The GLA in normally calculated from the outside walls to any existing room partitions....

Giving another an immediate benefit. Example are an employee in a real estate company receiving pension or health care benefits after five years of employment, and passing title to property. Once vesting has occurred a legal right exists to the recipient. One can have title without possession, such ...

Substituting one party for another in an action giving that party full rights or claims. Foe example, an insurance company pays the insured for a fire loss caused to the home by a third party. After the insurance company reimburses the insured for the loss, the insurance company 'now stands in the i...

Contribution whose purpose is to increase funding of underfunded pension plans. It is part of the calculation that is made to arrive at the plan's minimum funding requirement. Usually a pension plan requires such a contribution when the assets of the plan become less than 80 to 90% of the current li...