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Welcome to Keller Williams NY Realty, a lively and vibrant community of which we are proud to be a part of!

We believe that real estate is a local business driven by individual agents and their local image and influence. We believe that together everyone achieves more and the success of our company is dependent on the success and growth of our agents. We have built a business on the addition of accomplished colleagues with great reputations and a focus on work life balance.

We believe that profit matters and we believe in sharing in that profit! We believe that Keller Williams is a technology based company that is innovative and cutting edge. We pride ourselves on being an education based organization cleverly disguised as a real estate office. We train each agent to be independent while providing the support they need to forge ahead without worry. We believe that each agent possesses unique strengths that should be encouraged, clearly articulated and delivered to their clients.

Thank you again for choosing Keller Williams NY Realty. We look forward to assisting you in the growth of your business.

Keller Williams NY Realty

Tom Osbeck

Tom Osbeck


Real Estate Glossary Terms

  • Choose In Action

    Claim or debt that may be recovered by instituting a lawsuit. ...

  • Value In Use

    Discounted value of net cash receipts to be obtained from a property. The present value calculation includes consideration of annual cash inflows plus the disposal value. ...

  • Pass-through Securities

    Securities supported by a pool of mortgages. The principal and interest are due monthly in the mortgages and are passed through to the investors who bought the pool. ...

  • Cost-of-living Adjustment (cola)

    Automatic adjustment applied to Social Security retirement payments when the consumer price index increases at a rate of at least 3%, the first quarter of one year to the first quarter of the next year. ...

  • Family Maintenance Policy

    Combination of whole life and level term that provides income to a beneficiary for a selected period of time (e.g., 20 years) if an insured dies during that period. At the end of the income-paying period the beneficiary also receives the entire face amount of the policy. If an insured dies after the ...

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