Definition of "Value in use"

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Discounted value of net cash receipts to be obtained from a property. The present value calculation includes consideration of annual cash inflows plus the disposal value.


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Comments for Value In Use

Jakes Jakes said:

5 differences between cost and value in real estate.

Feb 14, 2020  05:18:47

Real Estate Agent

Hey, Jakes! Generally, cost refers to the amount of money you spend in order to produce a service or a product. Value is what a customer believes the product or service is worth. Cost is a numerical value, but value can’t be measured in numbers. Costs are the same for everyone while value varies from one individual to another. In real estate, for example, a properties costs refer to construction costs including land, labor, fees, and other costs. The value of a property is how much a seller or a buyer thinks the property is worth. If the buyer and the seller agree upon a price this creates what’s known as “market value”. Looking at the market value home buyers can get an idea of how much they are expected to pay for a property in the area. Market values also help home sellers to determine the value of their properties. We also have a related FAQ, that shows you how to calculate the fair market value for a property if you are interested.

Apr 13, 2020  08:48:12

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