How Are The School Districts In FOREST, VA?

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Published: Mar 26, 2024

Are you searching for the best public and private schools "Down Where the South Begins "? Then, I have excellent news for you! Forest, Virginia, offers some of the most acclaimed establishments that lay the foundation of a well-rounded education. Additionally, they will prepare your children for a future professional career. 


This fabulous census-designated place (population of about 12,000 in 2024) in Bedford County is a family-friendly and welcoming community. It has always strived for perfection. And what other better foundation can there be than establishing institutions for our children's bright future?


Are you ready to offer your children one of the best educations in Virginia?

excited elementary schoolLet's explore the regional school district and its remarkable schools! In the meantime, if moving to Forest, VA, intrigues you, why don't you reach out to me? As an established local real estate agent in Forest, Virginia, I can provide you and your family with precious information regarding affordable homes to buy or rent! Also, I'm well-versed in the nitty-gritty of this lovely community, waiting for you to discover!


Under which school district’s authority do Forest, VA, schools operate? 

Off the bat, Forest, Virginia, doesn't have its own specific school district. Instead, it falls under the Bedford County Public Schools system (headquartered in Bedford, Virginia) for public education. This broader district encompasses several towns and communities, including Forest. Bedford County Public Schools provides education from elementary through high school.


Which are the top public schools in Forest, Virginia?


Families living in or moving to Forest, Virginia, have various educational options. This colorful variety ensures students find a path that fits their interests and goals.


  1. Forest Elementary School (1 Scholar Lane) is publicly praised for its prek-4 solid academic programs and delightful community atmosphere. Currently, it is home to 361 students. This unique public school also implements equity exemplarily and achieves above-average test scores. 
  2. Thomas Jefferson Elementary School (1255 Patriot Place) offers a diverse curriculum and excellent teacher engagement for approximately 611 students. Regarding academic progress, test scores, and equity, this preK-5 school accomplished an outstanding 8/10.
  3. Jefferson Forest High School (1 Cavalier Circle) educates 7-12 graders. The institution hosts 1,395 students and is highly regarded for its fantastic academics, athletics programs, and extensive extracurricular activities.


Discover the best private schools in Forest, Virginia!

Private schools in Forest, Virginia, are very competitive and fashionable. If you’re considering enrolling your children in one of them, here are my recommendations! 

Timberlake Christian Schools (202 Horizon Dr.) serves pre-K through 12th grade. Locals praise it for integrating Christian values with rigorous academics.


School Zone Child Care Center 2, Graves Mill Early Learning Center, and Forest Um Pre-School are exceptional private institutions that provide the groundwork for your children's early mental and physical development


Best private schools in Forest’s Proximity

  • New Covenant Schools is an academically rigorous Christian school in Lynchburg, VA. The exceptional school offers education from Pre-K through 12th grade, strongly emphasizing classical education.
  • Brookville High School (Lynchburg, VA): Offers a solid educational program and a wide range of extracurricular activities.
  • E.C. Glass High School (Lynchburg, VA) is known and celebrated for its academic rigor, vigorous arts programs, and athletic achievements.


Are you thinking of higher education? You don’t have to go too far!

liberty flames university

About 20 colleges operate within a 50-mile radius close to Forest. These enroll over 126,000 students. I can wholeheartedly recommend the upcoming ones!


  • Liberty University in Lynchburg is one of the largest Christian universities in the world. Don't let its religious character misguide you, though! The university offers exciting undergraduate and graduate programs and diplomas in arts and sciences.
  • The University of Lynchburg is private and popular. It is well-known and celebrated for its commitment to leadership development, innovation, and service.
  • Randolph College is another private liberal arts and sciences college in Lynchburg, VA. Are you looking for personalized schooling? Randolph College delivers a top-notch education focused on undergraduate research and leadership.


Final thoughts

Forest, Virginia, is a genuine hub for educational growth and development. With its blend of public and private schools, Forest offers a variety of educational pathways for its young minds. Besides sharpening their minds, the school district in Forest, VA,  doesn't neglect keeping them in excellent physical form. Whether soccer, basketball, or robotics, Forest schools deliver many extracurricular activities. These are fantastic ways for students to discover new interests and talents outside the textbook world.


So, if you're a parent pondering school choices, the schools in Forest welcome you with open arms. If you require further insights or information on the Forest, VA, school district, don't hesitate to contact me as soon as possible!


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